Top 10 Tips to Get MCSD Certification

By | September 8, 2015

MCSA Web Applications

Web application certification qualifies you for a position as a web developer or web administrator. For this certification you must have foundational IT skills, or you can consider to pursue one or more Microsoft Technology Associate Certification (MTA). If you have enough knowledge of IT foundational skills, then you have to pass two exams.

  •  Either 70-480 or 70-483 (any one of them is compulsory).
  • After passing one exam in above two exams you have to pass 70-486 exam which is compulsory to become a MCSA.

MCSD Certification Exams

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) Certification Exams validates the ability of the developer to build software solutions that cover platform boundaries as well as technology. In order to gain the MCSD credentials, a developer applicant has to pass a variety of exams, each of which is focused on a specific programming language, service or a platform. With constant shifts of technologies and changes, it’s quite difficult to choose a certification program that suits you the most. The best would be if one could select a program that is closely related to the current environment and applications they already have experience.

  • After getting certification of MCSA now you are eligible to take MCSD. For this certification you have to pass 70-487 exam for web app builder and 70-357 for mobile app builder.

In order to simplify the things, I have listed all available tracks for MCSD Certification as:

  • MCSD Web Applications
  • MCSD SharePoint Applications
  • MCSD Azure Solutions Architect
  • MCSD Application Lifecyle Management
  • MCSD Windows Store Apps (C# & HTML5)

Following diagram further explains what specific exams you need to pass for every MCSD Certification Track.MCSD - Microsoft Certification Exams

Tips to Get MCSD Certification

To make it easier for you, we prepared the TOP 10 Tips to get your MCSD Certification:

  1. It is a necessity to have an organized study plan and try to stick to it as much as you can. Divide the study plan step by step and learn systematically.
  2. The exam must be scheduled, so that you will be able to set up your own deadline.
  3. You will need the MCSD Certification Toolkit that is a perfectly crafted guide to prepare you for the exam. It contains sample codes and features a step-by-step tutorial for each lesson containing over 100 simulated questions.
  4. Browse through this website to participate in training lesson at the Microsoft Virtual academy.

    Also, you can find very helpful MCSD Certification Material on this website, specifically related to MCSD Web Application Development Track that include following exams:

    • Exam: 70-480 (Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3)
    • Exam: 70-486 (Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications)
    • Exam: 70-487 (Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services)

    You can find Reference Material, FREE Online Test and Real-Time Scenario-based Online Practice Exams here.

  5. All the questions are based around real world scenarios so practical experience will be more than just useful.
  6. A very good advice is to use mind map hierarchy. So you start off with a main topic having branches from it that leads to sub topics and so on.
  7. Practice as much as you can with the simulator so you get an overview of your performance.

    As mentioned above, we have prepared FREE Online Tests as well as Online Practice Exams, you can use to validate your skills before appearing for actual exams.

  8. Eliminate your incorrect answers.
  9. Never make a mistake to study only the main topic but try to focus around the topic as well.
  10. Try to take advice from members that already passed the exam.

Hopefully, the tips will be helpful as well as provide you a good plan of action for preparing your Microsoft MCSD Certification Exam.

Good Luck.