What Should You Look For In Construction Management Software?

By | March 20, 2019

As the construction projects are getting more complicated, it is challenging for the contractors to manage all the specifications on the job site with no backup. This is perhaps the reason why it is essential to have a tool that can handle functionalities such as project management to scheduling, accounting and various other features making a job of the contractor much easier.

Construction management software must have the following features to make a construction project successful:


The first and foremost feature required by many is the estimating tool in construction project management software. It’s understandable as when you work within a budget; you guarantee the success of the project. However, you also wish to make profits from the venture with the help of contractor bidding software.

All these requirements make it necessary to hunt for an online tool to assist you in delivering bids with a higher price and apply backup with integrated scheduling and benchmarking. A few of them can merge with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, to offer accurate estimates on the basis of timeline and abilities.

Cost Management and Accounting

Nearly all construction PM systems present basic budgeting and benchmarking work. But a powerful tool will provide forecasting and estimating to get a full picture of the project finances. Tracking and managing the details reduces the risk for any sudden revelations. It is indeed essential if one is handling accounting in-house.

Though one can track payroll and costs, accessing any vital data is difficult including sharing any updated data. The situation is difficult for decision makers. More and more construction tools have accounting abilities and allow tracking invoicing, payroll, budgets, and billing.

Useful Data Analytics

Many construction PM tools help streamline workflow, monitor customer communications, and manage the various construction projects. To make the most out of the tool, the one that can aid in reviewing boosts the processes. You may also find reporting features to provide you with an insight into the utilization and productivity of the assets.

One can track the resources and evaluate it by monitoring schedule and cost. How does this help? The feature enhances performance and the overall productivity besides providing a strategy. Labor shortage can be identified, and appropriate action can be taken quickly. It is hence vital for checking the product selection tool before purchasing.


No software is 100% problem free. One will always find some or the other issues. Whenever anything like this happens, it can bring productivity down or keep the project behind. Such a situation demands support.

Therefore, it is suggested that one must read the customer support reviews irrespective of whether it is email, FAQs, phone, chat or knowledge base. You should be able to get answers to all your queries in whatever time you can from the reliable sources.

Field Management

With more and more job sites being added, it is essential to look after each one of them, but it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Buy a tool with field management feature to assist in creating and communicating the work plans every day, remain in close contact with each other and control whatever is achieved within the day. It must be recorded whenever a shift ends. Plenty of software are capable of addressing the inspection forms and organizing the project for quality inspections, safety, and equipment.

Project Management

Howsoever redundant it may sound, if you are shopping for a project management software, one must gain a full understanding of the management functionalities. Get an answer to this question before hunting for a tool that can assist you in managing the project in an improved manner. Seek answer for the question: “How functional, integrated, easy to understand, robust and extensive the software is? Once you get convinced with the answers, go ahead with certainty.

Summing up

With software with features such as task management, schedule management, Gantt charts, milestone management calendars, with other tracking tools, you might have found the right tool for you.