Learn to reach targeted results from online contests

By | February 3, 2019

Marketers say that the clean social media should give us correct results. Achieving positive results for your business using social media is easy today. Many top marketers use social media as their main tool to develop their fans, votes and likes. These social signals provide trust and power to get more leads from customers.

From this post, we analyze how to gather targeted results from online contests for businesses.

Why marketers choose online contests?

Many type of online contests available on social media sites and blogs. Today’s trend is running online contests to evaluate business strength. Before we choose any niche to promote online, we need to check the traffic and keyword for that niche. If we blindly choose any niche, we can’t get perfect results.

So, online contests help marketers to find the traffic strength of niches. This is the reason to choose contests for today’s marketing.

However, there are many other ways available to test traffic strength. When you sign up for relevant niche forum, you can get ideas about it.

What types of contests are popular in Jan 2019?

When we know the top list of contests, we can easily join for the desire one.

Top 9 contests for Jan 2019 are,

  1. DJ music contest
  2. Baby photo contest
  3. Essay writing contest
  4. Small business development contest
  5. Fun contests
  6. Hiring freelancers contest
  7. Prediction poll political contest
  8. Survey based contest
  9. Email subscriber gathering contest

Detailed benefits of running contests on social media:

As we told earlier, marketers test the niche traffic strength using online contests. But there are many other benefits we can get by running contests online.

Fast and accurate results:

Creating an online poll is very simple using social media. Top social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allows users to create polls online. You may have thousands of followers on your social media pages. But to know the exact interest of your fans, you need to create polls.

Polls give fast and accurate results. So you can evaluate any new product fast using online polls. Facebook polls are very popular than Twitter polls. Facebook polls are simple and effective.

75% of Fans and followers love to give their vote on Facebook polls. On the other side, Twitter polls earn only 25% of interest.

Detailed benefits of running contests on own blogs:

We highly recommend you to run contests on your own blogs. It gives more trust to your visitors.

  • They feel safe about the prizes you offer.
  • They give interest 23% more than social media polls.
  • You can control your poll by using super technical team.
  • Creating rules and terms is easy when you run polls on your blog.
  • Also you can the IP addresses of your voters. It helps to find fake votes.


  • You need to make your server to high quality to handle contests.
  • Sometimes polls crash due to low server support. In such cases, you may lose the exact poll results.

So how to get targeted results from online contests?

Team work provides great result for any projects. We can say the first step is building a great team for getting laser targeted results.

To hire professionals to do security for your contests, you can visit sites like freelancer.com. It has plenty of coders to select the desire one.

Agencies like vapulsemedia.net provides vote for any type contests. So you need to build a strong team to manage your votes to get super targeted results.

Ask for previous work samples from the bidders to check their quality. After you choose the necessary professionals for your team, you can get the results you want!