How to write a blog post that converts and get high CTR

By | December 28, 2018

Most of the time we assume that writing blogs are all about convincing people to read to your content however, that is not something which will make a whole lot of difference for the long run.

Do you think your blogs are not getting you conversions? Well, this is because many times people do not read the content you have posted on the site completely. In fact, even if you post links of your blogs on social media sites not many people click on it. You don’t have much time to convince people to click on your posts. You might have posted quality content on your site, however, if people are not clicking it is then it is of no use.

You know this that writing good content for blogs is an amazing way to generate traffic and increase CTR. But the question is how? How can you make your blogs more relevant on search engines? Let’s see what things you need to understand.

Reasons why your blogs might be useless

Blogging can be really useful, but not when you do it wrong. If you are trying really hard to write blogs but aren’t noticing much difference then you are surely not doing it the right way. Here are a few reasons why it might not be working for you.

  • You are writing promotional content for your blogs: Well, your blogs don’t have to be promotional rather your focus should be on providing up-to-date information. If your blogs have promotional links it will definitely not be befitting for the readers.
  • Posting mundane content: Well, nobody is interested in reading content that lacks engagement and creativity. Also, if there is already much information available on the internet for the same topic what’s the point?
  • Allowing your blogs to get inactive: Especially if you want to improve CTR you need to indulge in blogging preferably every day and very often.
  • Not paying attention toward optimization and promotionsOne of the strongest reasons why your blogs are useless might be because you are not optimizing it as per your target audience. Also, it is important to promote your posts in order to get traffic. You can post links, use social media platforms, and create infographics to promote your content.

Content strategy

Content does play an important role when we talk about blogging. However, it is the content strategy that helps you through the process of writing valuable content. It defines the motive and uniqueness of the content. Any content that does not have a purpose is of no use for the business.

According to Chandigarh SEO company that content strategy is not just about what you write in your blogs it is also confined to the meta tags, titles, topics, writing style, structure, target audience, and the marketing strategy which are some of the most important factors of having a well-built content strategy.

Most common blogs problems and their possible solutions

Undoubtedly, blogging is a great way to share your content and information with a large audience ideally, however, does that really happen? Unfortunately, there are a few problems that you might come across. Let’s discuss them here.

  • Unable to create good content

When we talk about blogs the first thing that comes across our mind is the content. And that’s true if your content is not unique and engaging it won’t drive more traffic to your site. Basically, search engines love informative and unique content and that’s the drill you need to focus on. If you are writing what is already their then search engines are just not interested in it.

Short content: Well, the basic idea is to create unique content which is not less than 500 words until and unless it is initiation or introduction to something.

Solutions: The idea is to write content nothing less than 500 words, however; it also means that you need to focus on quality.

Unable to engage with the audience: Audience will only like to read your content if it is interesting and engaging. Many people focus too much on giving information and forget that they also need to connect with the readers.

Solutions: Try your best to engage and talk to the readers through your content. Your writing style must be conversational and engaging.

  • Lower ROI

Writing blogs is great but not when you are unable to get quality leads from the content. Is your content falling? Are you getting fewer clicks? Lower ROI? May be the content has problems and that is why you are not getting ROI. Creating and promoting content is important and so is optimizing and analyzing.

You might be doing a few things wrong.

Not having idea about content’s ROI: If you do not have any idea about how people are accessing and sharing your content, there are high chances that your efforts are going futile.

Solution: You can fix this by measuring the leads your piece of content is getting and how many of these leads are converting into customers. Also, help your audience reach out to your blogs by using relevant keywords that people are more likely to search about.

  • Higher bounce rates

Having a higher bounce rate is one of the most obvious reasons for having lesser conversions. Obviously, if most of the audience is leaving your site the chances of getting traffic and conversions are very low. Higher bounce rate also means that your blogs are simply not able to persuade the readers and is unable to get CTA. Do you have a very high bounce rate? Let’s see why?

Unable to provide a better user experience: Most of the reader will click on your blog in order to look for a certain answer this is why you need to focus on the formatting and creating an amazing user experience. Your goals should be in lowering the bounce rate. Here’s how?


Study your analytics details: Before even starting the process of lowering the bounce rate you need to know each and every detail about the blogs you have written. You will have to study your visitors, target keywords, and the position of landing pages.

Optimize page load time: Even if the visitor clicks on your blog but it takes a lot of time to load they are surely not going to click on another site. Optimize your site in order to decrease the loading time.

Use incredible headlines: Writing the best quality content is of no use if your heading is not compelling and eye-catchy. The heading is actually something that is going to attract audience to click on your blog. It shall be to the point, expressive and creative.

Use insanely attractive image: It is important to attract your visitors and what better than having an attractive image to do it for you. Undoubtedly, the virtual images are able to create a better connection with the audience. In fact, content that has attractive images has 94% more chances of getting more views than those without an image.

Boost CTR: Lower bounce rate ultimately results in higher CTR. But the question is how do you compel the audience to click on your posts?


Title tags and Meta descriptions: Title tags should be written creatively as in it should compel the users to click on your site. Try to connect with the audience by using powerful words that can convince them.
For Meta descriptions, you shall use the keyword and answer the questions the user might be searching for. It should simply be interesting and intriguing. Make sure the Meta descriptions do not exceed 160 characters.

Call to action: Make sure to include a call to action button in your blogs. This way the readers will be curious to get more information if they find your content good enough. However, the CTA button should be easily visible and should have fewer words.

  • Getting better conversions

Once your bounce rate decreases and CTR is improved the next step is obviously better conversions. Obviously, you just don’t want readers for your blog your focus should also be on the conversions especially once you have an audience. But how can that happen?


Dynamic widgets for more relevancy: The dynamic widget is one of the most impressive WordPress Plugin that helps you in creating widgets for relevant pages and also lets you hide widgets where you don’t want them. So how can this help you?
For example, you have written an article about WordPress and a person clicks on the article to read it and when he scrolls down he sees links of various product reviews which is of no use to him. This will just create a bad impression on the reader.
However, you can use various widgets directing towards different products. This helps you in placing separate widgets under related posts.

Using static pages: Static pages do give readers an idea about yourself and the kind of content you like writing about. It is important to have about and what’s new pages on your blog site. Especially, for the first time viewers, you are simply telling them what kind of stuff they can expect on your blog posts.

Also, you can add a subscription at the end of the page in order to engage reader’s interest. Similarly for what’s new page you are informing your readers about what they can expect from you.

Final Words

By applying the above-mentioned ways in your blog posts you can surely improve the Click through Rate and conversions. Make sure to be relevant and present your readers with absolutely what they are looking forward to.  Create engaging content and optimize it as per the audience you are going to target.

By now, you would know how important it is to make snippets that not only interest the readers but the Search Engines as well, so keep your focus on that as well to improve CTR of your posts. However, even after following the above ways your prime focus shall also be on the content. If your content is not engaging, creative and unique it won’t drive interest among the readers.

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