25 Best Tools for HTML5 Developers

By | November 24, 2015

Developers have been using HTML (HyperText Markup Language) for many years to develop the web pages. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML which has many new features to change the world of web development and design. The mobile internet user is growing at a faster pace across the world and therefore, it is a must for your website to have mobile responsiveness. HTML5 provides you with the feature to develop mobile-friendly websites. Being one of the most cost-effective languages for mobile applications, HTML5 has also enhanced the user experience largely. If you still want to know more, here is a list of advantages of HTML5 web development:

  1. Improved Accessibility
  2. Audio and Video Support
  3. Optimized and structured code
  4. Highly interactive websites
  5. Cross-browser compatibility
  6. Mobile responsive sites

This eventually leads to huge demand for professional HTML5 developers in the market. That being said, any new technology needs to be learned first in order to master it. Considering this fact, here is a list of the 25 best tools for HTML5 developers:

1. Animatron

Whether you are a newbie or a professional, Animatron lets you make your website highly interactive. And the best part is that you do not need to code. You just create your animations and save them on the cloud which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Once, you have created your animation, you can export it to HTML5, GIF, and video formats. It is said that two heads always give better ideas, so you can invite your project team-mates to work on the same window by sharing the URL.
HTML5 Animation
You can watch all the changes as they are happening from the other side. In case, you do not want to share your project with anyone you can make it private. Choose a plan that suits you can go with one of the best tools.
LINK: https://www.animatron.com/

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2. Purple Animator

Purple Animator is the best choice if you want to create designs for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Kindle etc. You can create all the interactive app contents with the help of Purple Composer or, Purple Animator.

LINK: http://www.purplepublish.com/purple-animator/


3. INK

With the INK tool, you can create responsive HTML5 emails that can be accessed anywhere and on all devices or client including Outlook.

LINK: http://foundation.zurb.com/emails.html


4. Initializr

It provides you with the templates from which you can choose and kick-start your project. You can also select the responsive template.

LINK: http://www.initializr.com/


5. Create

It is a web-editing interface in which you can edit anything on Content Management Systems. It provides you a comprehensive HTML5 based environment in which you can edit any content you wish to and later you can push the changes to the CMS.

LINK: http://createjs.org/


6. HTML5 Maker

No other tool can win against HTML5 Maker when it comes to animations and web graphics. You do not need to create designs separately in Photoshop for the text or photos effects. HTLM5 Maker lets you do it all on one tool.

LINK: http://html5maker.com/#/


7. 99LIME

Joshua Gatcke runs this website to help the web designers learn creative web designing. You can learn tips and tricks of web designing to stand out of the crowd.

LINK: http://www.99lime.com/


8. HTML5 Bones

HTML5 Bones is a boilerplate for HTML5 websites. There are no JavaScript libraries included in it so it is very easy and basic to use.

LINK: http://html5bones.com/

HTML5 Bones

9. Mixeek

It is a web-based tool using which you can create interactive animations. It uses both HTML5 and CSS3. Not only this, it is also free and can be used easily.

LINK: http://www.mixeek.com/


10. Edge Animate

It is a product by Adobe which is known for the best designing frameworks. With Edge Animate, you can create interactive HTML animations for web, digital publishing, rich media advertising etc. All these can be easily accessed on both web as well as mobile.

LINK: http://www.adobe.com/in/products/edge-animate.html

edge animation

11. Literally Canvas

Literally Canvas is an open-source HTML5 drawing widget. Using this extensible widget, you can do sketching and do anything with the end results.

LINK: http://literallycanvas.com/

12. RazorFlow

If you are looking for a tool to design Dashboards in PHP and JavaScript, then RazorFlow is what you need.

LINK: https://www.razorflow.com/

13. Onsen UI

Onsen UI is a custom elements based HTML5 UI framework that can be used for Cordova UI development. It enhances the user-experience and provides native-like performance.

LINK: http://onsen.io/

14. Google Web Designer

Create outstanding visual experience without worrying about the backend part with Google Web Designer. You can design creative HTML5 designs and can implement the same on any device.

LINK: https://www.google.com/webdesigner/

15. HTML Test

I am sure you would want to check the compatibility of your HTML5 with your browser. HTML Test checks your browser’s over functionality

LINK: http://html5test.com/


Tumult is also one of the apt choices for creating interactive web content and designs. It provides support on desktops, mobile devices and iPads. It provides you multiple browser support, CSS effects, ability to embed easily and you can also share it via Dropbox.

LINK: http://tumult.com/hype/

17. Stitches

You can create both sprite sheets and spreadsheets by just dragging and dropping the images on the tool. A sprite sheet is created by combining multiple small images or icon into a larger image. Try it yourself as it provides a demo.

LINK: http://draeton.github.io/stitches/

18. Sencha

Sencha is web application development platform. You can create n number of cross-platform applications that provides native-like user experience. After designing and developing the application, Sencha also gives you the power to manage the app yourself. You can first go with the free version and then get the premium one as per your requirement.

LINK: https://www.sencha.com/

19. Moqups

Next time you need to create designs, wireframes, prototypes or any UI concept; Moqups is the one solution for all. Simple drag and drop function makes this nifty HTML5 App highly usable.

LINK: https://moqups.com/

20. Mugeda

You can create HTML5 animations, cross-platform apps, analyze traffic, media campaigns and much more with this professional IDE i.e. Mugeda. It provides you with a Mugeda JavaScript API, using which you can create web or hybrid apps.

LINK: https://www.mugeda.com/

21. ShareDrop

ShareDrop is a clone of Apple AirDrop Service but in HTML5. This tool lets you share the files directly without the need of uploading them on the server.

LINK: https://www.sharedrop.io/

22. Cloak

If you are developing an HTML game, then Cloak is a must as it acts as a network stratum. It provides with features like resuming when reconnecting and timers.

LINK: http://incompl.github.io/cloak/

23. CutJS

For the cross-platform game-development use Stage.js which is open-source and lightweight HTML5 JavaScript library.

LINK: http://piqnt.com/stage.js/

24. Framework 7

It is an app development framework with you can create robust iOS and Android applications with the native look and feel. It uses HTML for the application development, therefore reducing the cost of development.

LINK: http://www.idangero.us/framework7/#.Vk21cnYrLIU

25. Puzzle Script

Puzzle Script is used to create complex puzzle games. It is an editor in which you can build the game, export it and share too.

LINK: http://www.puzzlescript.net/editor.html

With all these best tools you create the best websites or mobile applications for any purpose including gaming. Choose what suits you the best and then create the best solutions.

Author Bio:

Nirdosh has a knack for exploration and loves to dig into WordPress, and share her knowledge with others. She is currently working with WP Daily Themes. She is also a programmer, a writer and a motivational speaker.

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