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6 Mobile App Development Trends For Your Consideration

Like the web development, the mobile application development has also become an ever fluctuating field. The year 2014 can be titled as the year of Mobile, since we have witnessed amazing advancement in the mobile realm (whether it be the mobile devices or mobile technology). Thus, to ensure a sustainable success to your business, it… Read More »

CSS – background-image issue in IE non-compatibility

I have been facing an issue with background-image for IE non-compatibility mode, Firefox and Chrome. Actually, the image is not displayed in IE non-compatibility, Firefox and Google Chrome. In IE compatibility, images displayed properly without issue. CSS style for my button was as follows: .btnStyle { font-family:Arial; font-size:8pt; color:White; background: none url(‘../Images/btn.gif’); border: none; height:23px;… Read More »