Do You Know This Much About the Google Play Store?

Looking for best writing apps or other types of apps for your android device? If yes, then it’s likely to be in the Google Play Store.

And if you don’t know all there is to know about this store, then you are reading the right article. It tells you all you need to know about this store and how you can get the best from it.

Google Play Store is Google’s special location where different kinds of apps relating to the android operating system can be accessed and downloaded, either freely or paid for.

There are lots of interesting facts you ought to know about Google Play Store, and the following paragraphs pinpoint them to you.

What Is Android?

This is a mobile operating system that serves as a unique platform on which many application programs needed in mobile phones are run.

The mobile phones running android apps are usually referred to as smartphones.

These many such smartphones today have features that supersede the performance, speed and designs of regular or standard phones.

Apart from being an operating system for smartphones, android is also used as an operating system for some tablet computers and other portable devices.

You must know that android is not the only operating system found in mobile phones today. There are many others and some have been in existence before this OS.

A short list of other operating systems includes: Apple’s iOS, Nokia Symbian, Windows operating system, Blackberry Operating system, etc.

What makes Android unique from these other Operating system is the fact that its source code is an open one. Because android is built based on the Linux kernel, it is an open source and the owners (Google and the Open Handset Alliance) have chosen to offer it freely without proprietary restrictions.

Therefore, android is an open source system unlike Apple’s iOS or Blackberry’s Operating System that is a closed source.

What is Google Play Store?

Formerly known as the Android market, Google Play Store is the place where applications for android phones or tablets are downloaded.

Since the release of android, the name was Android Market until March 6, 2012 when Google decided to rename it Google Play Store.

It is an online store for accessing different kinds of applications or programs that will help you maximize the use of your android phones or android tablets.

Thus, if you desire to install games, music, videos, widgets and other forms of entertaining and productivity applications in your device, this store can satisfy your desires.

Who can go to the Google Play Store?

Just about anyone can.

You can take advantage of all that the Google Play Store has to offer if you are an end user of android phone.

You have the choice to download apps right from this store for free or you can still go for some other programs that can be accessed for a few token.

On the other hand, if you are into programming or you are a software developer with knowledge of Java, this store can be a good place to display your creativity and make some money.

Since android is an open source, its codes are free for developers to use and create their own programs from. Programs and apps can now be created for fun, entertainment, multimedia, productivity, and other purposes.

The apps you create to run on android devices can be uploaded for free or you can earn some money for your creativity.

The popularity of the Google Play Store is rising day by day. This may not be unconnected to the ease and freedom developers have in creating varieties of apps for android devices.

There is now a staggering number of downloads for android apps and Google Play Store is far busier than other stores like the Apps Store owned by Apple Inc.

Finally, there are lots of apps and devices you may want to get access to from Google Play Store. You can check it out today to take advantage of all it has to offer.