Overview of Digital Oilfield Software

By | September 10, 2019

This software has been introduced with the intent of eliminating a number of problems that are encountered during oilfield recovery. By using this software, the multiple tasks that are being performed by cross-functional teams can be executed in a much efficient and reliable way. When we talk about oilfield technology, a huge range of activities, tools and tasks come in mind and these tools and tasks act as a source of improving the profitability and efficiency of oil and gas production operations. But it is very important here to mention that what were the challenges that led to use this technology.

  • The increasing expense of advanced recovery technologies.
  • The distribution of work teams done globally.
  • The age distribution of work force that is some may have years of experience and some may have none.
  • The number of discoveries dropping drastically.
  • The availability of massive amounts of data but not being able to use it all.

These above mentioned and many more challenges were faced by this industry and that is why this software is introduced that aims to deal with and eliminate such problems by accelerating all of the tasks that were traditionally performed by a number of engineers, managers, geoscientists, field technicians and many other. By using this software, we can try to lower our cost of operations, use maximum available data to deduce results, accelerate the ongoing tasks through fewer but highly experience employees. The digital oilfield software aims to provide such a workflows that allows to do tasks more efficiently and in less time and can easily collaborate with other teams as well thereby completing the task in less time and also minimizing the cost of operations.

The main advantages of using this software are as follow.

  • Create data-driven solutions in real time to improve work process.
  • Being able to make the most out of the 60% to 73% of the unused data that can help us maximize our company’s potential.
  • Fast, effective and collaborative execution of the interrelated tasks that are distributed among different teams.
  • The cost of drilling is reduced.
  • Productivity is improved.
  • The additional information can help to make the most out of human resources and other equipment.

 Proof that shows this technology is effective.

A Houston based company that deals with subsea oil and gas industry decided to use the FieldAP digital oilfield software in order to get assistance in visualizing the subsea drilling and well construction projects. This platform presented such engineering data that helped the managers to make effective decisions that made their business more prolific. The company has witnessed a huge change in their working methodology and has claimed that the engineering data is now more use to them than ever before and have also reduced their cost of the operations.

Thus we can say that the purpose of introducing this software has only led to make timely decisions, an organized working platform, cost effective system and a more profitable business.