9 Things To Consider When Hiring A Web Design Company

By | April 6, 2019

Web DesignIf you have a business based in Glasgow and are looking to make significant strides online, then you need to hire the best company that can create and manage your website. However, finding such an agency in Glasgow may seem daunting. Below are some tips that will help you make an informed choice.

1. Experience

Assuming that you have found a few top website design companies, you need to check their experiences in this industry. How many sites have they designed and developed? Do they have studies they can give you to read? Are you impressed by their work (the websites they have created)? Does each site exude a unique character or do all of them look like they are a product of the same mold?

Seeking answers to these questions will help you gauge the agency’s experience and also help you feel confident about hiring them to design a customized site that meets your needs and expectations.

2. Testimonials

Since the companies have had different customers, past and present, you can ask for designers to provide you with a link to testimonials on their company website. Go over the testimonies, and then ask the company if you can contact a few of their customers. Reach out to these clients and inquire and confirm their opinions when working with the web designers in Glasgow.

3. Team Skills

Ask about the team that will be assigned to curate the website for your business. Who will be in the team, and does each member have the requisite skills for the job, such as SEO, content generation and marketing, web design and development, copywriting, digital marketing expertise, and graphic design? The team should be a mix of skills and knowledge so that they can create a robust, well-optimized, user-friendly, and good-looking website.

4. Do You Like Them?

How do you react to the web designers and how to do they respond to your questions and concerns? You should rethink hiring them if you do not find them sufficiently friendly and responsive, especially during the first contact with them. Keep in mind that web design and development is a process that does not yield significant results overnight. As such, you will need to build a relationship with the web design Glasgow team that will last long after they deliver as expected because there also is the need for routine website maintenance and updating.

Therefore, you should strike a rapport with the team and ensure there are open channels of communication as they do what is expected of them. Also, avoid hiring a company that has a long list of clients and pending projects. But then again, you even should not hire an agency that has no experience, and you are their first client, they most likely will be experimenting with their expertise in web design and development.

5. Making Website Updates

As you outsource the web design, you also need to have a hands-on approach in the management of the content on your site. Therefore, the website design should be incorporate a user-friendly Content Management system, such as WordPress so that you can make updates even if you lack the knowledge for HTML coding. Otherwise, the CMS system will not be necessary if you have no intentions of having direct involvement in future updates of your site; it is the web designers who are to handle everything.

6. Cutting Edge Looks

To have a significant online foothold via the use of a website with impeccable design, then you should hire web designers in Glasgow that have vast knowledge in website design and development and use cutting edge options coupled by strong graphic design expertise. But if all you need is a site that looks great and provides exceptional user experience, then the implementation of cutting-edge strategies will not be vital. The team will mostly need to have solid backgrounds in website design and development.

7. Functionality

What is the precise purpose of the website? A site may look great, but such a presentation will mean little if it has poor navigation and a layout of content that confuses the user. Should the site have a calendar, an interactive map, an events section, or a book online function? Does it allow the user to quickly locate your contacts, to buy online, or even to sign up for newsletters? You should be clear about what you want the site to offer given the many functions available so that the web design Glasgow company can curate something that matches your needs.

8. Search Engine Optimization

What’s the point of having a great site online when nobody can find it or visit? You should ensure that the team you hire to design and develop your website have vast experience in SEO. They should not only build the site but also optimize every page and content to increase online visibility. The designers should address on-page optimization such as the use of keywords, tags, image alt text and search engine friendly URLs.

The team should understand the significance of meta-descriptions in search engine results. The short come up with a brief description of your products or services that they will use for optimization. It should be something that highlights the best of what you have to offer and entice people to click through or visit your site.

9. Timelines

Let the web design Glasgow company know when you what the site to go live and check with them to ensure they work based on your deadline. Keep your expectations realistic as you make an effort to liaise with the design team to receive what you expect.