SEO Tips for better Ranking in 2019

By | January 12, 2019

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing or enhancing the visibility of any web page or a website. This requires continuous posting of contents like videos, articles, pictures and other type of data. There are many search engines like google, yahoo have web pages and other content such as videos or local listings. These are shown based on what the search engine considers most appropriate or relevant to the users.

As the world is progressing every passing year, new techniques and tips have always been helpful in improving something. Since the field of SEO requires continuous upgradation and enhancement, let us discuss some of the tips and techniques that can lead to better ranking of SEO.


Everyone likes such content which is well written, is up-to-date, contain minimum flaws, easy to understand and many other factors. So what can help in increasing the rank of SEO is quality content. We can say that a quality content is the solution to all the problems. But how is quality content related to SEO?

Whenever the user feeds a question or query on the search bar, what happens is that the google starts looking for websites that have the most accurate answer that it can give to the user and starts showing those websites according to the quality of the data. The website that has the most accurate information comes on the top and so on. So the quality of the content matters a lot in increasing the rank. What you have to do is develop such content that has the most accurate information against the queries stated or the key phrases. In my experience I would say that those who have a website of their own and are producing excellent content are the ones that are rewarded the most. And those who are giving average content quality never gets rewarded according to their expectations. So high quality and to the point content is the key here.


Branding means to promote your website. There are many website builders who think that it is not their job to promote their website, google can do it for them. But let me correct them that they are totally wrong, how is google going to know that your website is the best and that google has to show it first? You can’t totally rely on google to do your job. You have to promote your website on various worldwide platforms so that people can know about your site. Once they have noticed your website and liked it they are going to show it to their friends and friends of friends and gradually your brand image starts to build up. Once your brand image is built, google will automatically give results for the queries that is related to your page. So continuous branding is also very important in increasing the ranking of your page or website or blog etc.

Create mobile-friendly website

As we all know that people have minimized the use of desktop and laptops and now they prefer mobile phones instead. Even google has more search traffic from mobiles instead of desktop computers or laptops. Google has decided is to embed mobile indexing feature in google search. So what website developers should do is to pay attention on mobile optimization of your website. Make you website mobile friendly. As the key term from now on seems to be mobile phones. So website developers should use mobile friendly themes, make a website using WordPress or accelerated mobile pages. It has now become the need of the hour to develop such websites that are mobile friendly. Otherwise it will be a total loss to the website developer if he fails to make hi website mobile friendly. One can find many WordPress Themes those are mobile friendly and SEO optimized.


It is a very common fact that if a website is taking too long to load, the user is not going to wait forever for it to load, instead he is going to move forward to the next website that is easily loading. This is a very big issue that many website developers face. This causes a lot of ranking problems, less people would recommend it to their friends or other users and then ultimately it will not be recognized by google and will not be shown on the front page of the web results. So what a person should do is try to remove all those obstacles that are coming in the way of a website’s performance. Now-a-days, almost everyone has 3g or 4g internet connection, which is a high speed connection. If a website still fails to load easily even on these connections, then there is a big call for help. The website developer should as quickly as possible try to solve this problem. You can solve this problem reducing HTTP request or by using optimized images and much more. So for those who are facing this problem should buckle up and start working on solving this problem. SEO Checklist can be added with more items but we have limited it to the most important items.

Using voice search optimization

2018 has turned out to be very remarkable in the field of technology, many new techniques and technologies have been introduced and they continue to get upgraded. A major technology have been introduced which is known as voice recognition. It has become an integral part of daily use. Many companies have various devices like siri, google assistant, Alexa, Cortana etc that have led to change the ways of how we search on google. Google has also integrated itself according to these devices. Now f we want to search anything on google, it is not necessary to type the whole query on the search bar our self, the vice recognition device will do that for us, we just have to say the query and the voice recognition is going to type it for us. This device is very useful and people are loving it. So the website developers should prepare themselves for these type of advancements because they can turn out to be a major boost for their SEO.