An overview of TikTok application

By | January 14, 2019

There are many ways to make fun music videos and share it on social media. But nothing beats the TikTok application. This application has changed the way of making videos and has won a gazillion people’s heart in a very short span of time. From a child to an old aged person, everyone is using it, making fun-filled videos and sharing it on social media and letting other people enjoy watching it. The app gives young people a platform to show their talent to other people through dancing, singing and making comedy videos. This application was first introduced in 2016 in China by the name of Douyin. The application is owned by ByteDance and was introduced to other countries a year later. Since then, people have become a fan of this application.  It is available in 34 different languages and the size of this app is only 72Mb for android users but is a little heavy for iOS users that is 287.6Mb. The application is free of cost and can be easily downloaded through google play store.

Now let us discuss some of the features and how we can use it.

The first step is to download the app through play store. The next step is to register yourself to this app. After that you are able to open the app and see its features. It has a variety of categories. You can dubsmash a musical video of any genre. From Bollywood entertainment to Lollywood sophistication, you can make videos of any kind and can dub video or music of any kind of nature. All you have to do is type on the search bar the kind of video that you want to dub. Practice a little before recording the video. Once you have made the video you can post it for others to see it. You can make your videos public so that everyone can watch it. But there are some people who don’t feel comfortable in that, so those people can change their privacy settings. Yes they can easily control who can or cannot see their videos. You can also make friends through this application. All you have to do is find the name of the person that you want to add and click the follow button.

One main and best feature of tiktok is to create lip sync videos. The task is not as easy as it looks but a person enjoys a lot while making a video. It’s quite easy to buy tiktok fans from trollishly. Tiktok has variety of songs that one can select from. You have to find your favorite song or the one that you want to lip sync and then make the video. Next it gives you the option to post it or just save to your gallery, it totally depends on you whether you want to just save it for yourself or post it for your friends to see.

The app serves the purpose of bringing some joy into the lives of so many people and literally half of the world is using it.