Distinguishing Between ASP.NET MVC And Web API

By | March 5, 2016

ASP.NET MVC permits you to uncover its essential functionalities through activity methods.One can likewise uncover all the essential functionalities of Web API. Beginners often interprets in a complicated way to adopt between ASP.NET MVC driven methodology and when to go for a Web API. Here are five primary contemplation that can be quite helpful for you at the time of choosing between ASP.NET MVC and Web API.ASP.NET MVC vs Web API
Let’s dive into those points now:

Uncover essential in-depth features of Web Application Interfaces

In few cases, ASP.NET MVC controllers might serve your requirements. ASP.NET controller is typically attached to one specific web application. It can uncover all types application necessities that can be immediately devoured through Ajax. Rather than making a radical new API, ASP MVC controller based methodology can be speedy enough to work with and simple to uncover essential functionalities for any given web application at the time of working with web applications. The later approach (WEB API) is a great choice to work with, on the off chance that if you wish to make a full-fledge REST services that is not attached to only a single application. Numerous number of applications need to devour into this feature to complete their task. In such cases, Web API offers a more rich and flawless solution. Generally talking, if your application functionalities are information driven (for instance, CRUD operations) then, Web API serves well, if your are working with UI/View driven programming methodologies such as stacking HTML sections and Ajax driven pages, then MVC controllers are a distinctive decision to go with.

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What information groups you need to manage?

A Model View controller works to return ActionResult or JsonResult. That implies that the output of a MVC is in HTML markup or JSON form. In the event that these information groups suffice your requirements, then activity strategies can be utilized well to uncover its essential working features. Be in the event that you require different information organizations, for example, let’s say that XML and JSON, then Web API permits a simple approach to developers to work with. Web API chooses the information process that is consequently taking into account in the form of Accept header. MVC controller, then again, obliges you to expressly indicate the working designs in the form of ActionResult or in JsonResult while composing the action methods.

Working with content transaction?

Content transaction alludes to returning contents in the Accept Header format. While working with Web API, you can send contents to the client in various formats, such as in the form of images or in the form of documents. In spite of the fact that this is a pleasant feature for Web API. In most of the cases such as sending information in the form of JSON or XML is the thing that you will need to work with.

Working as self-hosting

On the off chance that you uncover various essential features through a MVC controller, you should host it in IIS. This is an evident on the grounds that MVC is a part of your ASP.NET MVC application and requires IIS(Internet Information Service) as a hosting environment. Web API being a controlling system, permits you to have an API in a custom hosting phase. For this aspect only, you can avoid various overheads of IIS and host a Web API in a lightweight custom host. This is normally utilized where services are devoured by wide range of clients, for example, desktop applications, web applications and/or even console applications.

How essential are the strategy marks?

As a matter of course, Web API utilizes HTTP verb based mapping for methods. For instance, on the off chance that you make an invocation with POST verb then Web API will invoke its PostXXXX() method. In addition, all the requested information is wrapped into a single parameter and is passed to the method. So, this often makes the Web API action names and signatures bit inflexible. You can’t, for instance, have a method that has, say, five parameters. Thus, you can’t have various techniques for the same HTTP verb (with the exception of GET method where you can work with two methods. Along these lines, to work with Web APIs, you should know about these configuration confinements. In the event of MVC controller, you don’t have such limitation. MVC model binding process deals with the mapping procedure with the suitable use of parameters of an action method.

These are only a portion of essential contemplations that will offer you some help with evaluating a given situation. To choose between ASP.NET MVC and Web API. You can likewise utilize both the procedures in single web application.

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