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Free JSON beautifier

JSON is a human-readable data format that provides programmers the facility to code in a comprehendible syntax. It does not involve complex procedures because it makes programming logic difficult for humans to understand as well as machines also find the long and complicated logic hard to execute. The issues persisted in older data format was… Read More »

Free Essay Writing Tools to Aid Students

Students daily face a lot of problems related to their learning. There are many examples when they violate the deadlines, fail to disclose an assignment properly, don’t understand certain disciplines, etc. Students want to avoid such complications and try different possibilities offered by technology. Oftentimes, students turn for help to academic paper writing sites. They… Read More »

10 Best Life Hacks for Exams

Students have a lot of different challenges. They have to read books, write essays or even take part in different competitions for students. However, the most important and difficult part of their studying is quite obvious. Yes, we are talking about exams. It’s always stressful to take exams. You can spend even several weeks to… Read More »

What do Personality Tests Really Deliver?

Citi Group, Stock Holding Corporation, ExxonMobil, Ford Motor, Hewlett Packard. Everyone knows these names. And most of us would say that it could be great to work for these companies. But not everyone knows that these companies widely employ personality assessments and psychometric testing to select their employees. Personality Testing as a Part of Recruitment… Read More »

Web Design Trends in Singapore for 2020

The web design industry continually keeps on evolving with newer trend emerge as time goes by. As the world is progressing rapidly in the web design industry, the professionals belonging to these industries in Singapore are also working hard to bring innovation in local web domains, and these experts are also introducing their creative ideas… Read More »

Principles To Maintain User-Friendliness Of A Website

Usability has become an all-important feature for the website in the twenty-first century. Since anyone can develop a website with the help of some tutorial on the internet, you have to be on the lookout to decide what makes your business website stand out among a sea of competitor websites. You definitely want your website… Read More »

Web Hosting and SSL: Why is it important?

First thing first Imagine that you own a little shop, where everything that you created is a display for potential buyers to admire and eventually buy. You want it to look as best as it can. That’s a part of you, a representation of your creative self, of your individuality, something new and fresh that… Read More »

Guide 101: Ways To Create An App Like Uber

If we look at modern times, we can say UBER is enjoying the advantages of taxi and providing its luxury to every individual. The beginning of uber created challenges for every transportation provider. Uber’s on-demand service platform is currently available to almost every company and niche. It is no exaggeration to say that every day… Read More »

Homework Study Tips to Fulfill Your Assignments Perfectly

Who can help to do my homework? This online request is commonly left by many students and even parents who need help for their kids. Students face multiple complications like poor writing skills, bad time management, struggling with a certain discipline or piece of writing, etc. Many students believe that help is exactly what helps… Read More »