How to choose the perfect WordPress template for your website

By | February 4, 2020
Wordpress Theme

Choosing a WordPress template is one of the first and most important tasks you face in a new WordPress site. The design of your site will have a lot of weight in getting or not attracting the audience you want.

And in this I have good and bad news for you:

The good: today there is such quantity and quality in WordPress templates that the perfect or almost perfect template for you exists, for sure. You can contact Template Monster. They provide a lot of quality WordPress templates for business.
The bad: it is not trivial to choose a WordPress theme, especially when most people get carried away by the first impression.

So in this post I will guide you step by step through a series of criteria that will help you choose your WordPress template correctly, really appropriate to what you need.

In addition, I hope to help you with this also so that you do not fall into the typical mistake of many people to try one free WordPress theme after another and lose dozens and dozens of hours dizzy without getting anywhere.

So let’s start here.

What kind of website do you have or want to create?

The first thing you should be clear about is what type of content you want to publish on your website because this has a high impact on the type of design that will be the most appropriate for that content. It is not the same a simple blog, without major pretensions, where many times the text predominates over the images than an online store that will be much more visual, for example. And now try to visualize a typical digital newspaper or news site, for example.

Why do these types of sites have a specific design, very different from that of blogs and online stores?

Therefore, first, try to be very clear about the nature of your site and its contents. From here, look for examples of similar portfolio website themes and try to identify the characteristic elements of the designs of these sites, particularly those that they have in common. For example: in any online store you moderate you will find a very visual catalog of products and with product sheets with the name of the product, its price, etc.

What WordPress platform are you using?

Here I mean if you are using WordPress dot com or WordPress dot org. If you already know “what is it about” this, it may seem silly what I am saying. But I assure you that there are still a lot of people who get confused and really don’t know which one they are using.

A good example of the typical questions that come to us again and again and that reflect this is “Why doesn’t it appear in the plugins menu on my WordPress desktop?”

If you ask this question, it is because they are with and you do not know that in WordPress dot com, except in the most advanced plan, the “Business”, you cannot use plugins.

What is WordPress, what is it for and how does it work?

31.7% of websites use WordPress. And not only blogs, all kinds of websites. Here I explain what WordPress is, how it works and what makes it so special. Within WordPress templates, we can distinguish two main lines and philosophies: the “prefabricated” templates (as I will call them…), normally designed for certain types of website and multipurpose templates that are designed to create any type of site Web. In the first ones, the idea is that they give you a design that is what it is and where you can only touch some basic things: the color scheme, typefaces for titles and text and little else. The idea is that you choose among many options the one that is closest to the one you are looking for to use it more or less as is. Such settings avoid common issues. Follow here to understand how to fix Internal Server Errors in WordPress.

This is usually the typical case of free templates and it already depends on the specific theme you can touch and eye: this limitation in options is not necessarily a bad thing, if the design fits you, why won’t you use it? It is a simple and effective philosophy.