Web Design Trends in Singapore for 2020

By | February 11, 2020

The web design industry continually keeps on evolving with newer trend emerge as time goes by. As the world is progressing rapidly in the web design industry, the professionals belonging to these industries in Singapore are also working hard to bring innovation in local web domains, and these experts are also introducing their creative ideas to get recognition in the global Web Design industry as well. The outlook of your website reflects your brand image, so a more personalized and trendy user interface could make it look more appealing to the target audience.

The Singapore web industry is currently investing heavily in fabricating high-end layouts, user interfaces, and web elements to stand out. Today we are going to discuss top web design trends that will dominate in 2020.

Machine learning-based libraries

The Machine Learning-based systems were long being tested and utilized in a variety of industries. Now, these particular models are entering in the front end development world as well. There is plenty of machine learning-based libraries that when integrated into the browser, provides data and information that assists in learning model to enhance the scope of applications.

The Machine learning-based algorithms also work to train existing models directly in the browser. Now user-data processing is automatically managed, and risks of sending implicit data to the servers have also been diminished.

Minimal JavaScript

As the usage of JavaScript is somehow essential to offer interactive user experience and to extend the functionalities of various applications, it is suggested that limiting its usage could positively impact performance. The execution of JavaScript on client systems results in delayed processing and hence leads to poor user experience.

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These days the rate of user interaction to the website hugely depends on the compelling visuals the particular domain incorporates. Now the textual content doesn’t possess much audience base, and the visuals and graphics have a major role in making websites an ultimate success. The static interfaces are no longer in demand, and those who are embellished with amazing visuals get the chance to become prominent. The integration of exciting animations on websites is becoming common.

The usage of animations along with micro-interactions is being seen in action on the website’s belonging to various niches.  

Horizontal scrolling

The web design industry is continuously eve loving, so the norms of showcasing website contents have also been shifting. Now the concept of exploring the website has changed, and you will see that you are required to scroll from the left-right rather than from top to down in multiple websites all across the web. Those were the times when scrolling up and down became popular in websites and now this change is also getting adopted and being appreciated by the target audience. Most websites have adopted these features differently and have made the user interface of the websites look like a book.

Users would feel like they are searching for the contents of the book. The only downside of implementing this feature is that the less content would be integrated into each webpage due to restricted page usage.


There are a  variety of features, visuals, and graphic elements that enhance your online presence, the less integration of these elements and stuffing your website’s pages with fewer elements could make your website look even better. The trend of minimalist webpages has acquired a massive appraisal from the web design community, and it is being seen in websites featuring a variety of services or products. 

This trend has been popular for manifesting content on Mobile Devices. Now it is seen to get strong in the year 2020 as it primarily focuses on eliminating additional features and creating a clean and optimal user experience.  The implementation has hugely benefited those who are trying to cut away the website’s contents to offer improved web page loading speeds.

Voice search optimization

The digital era has introduced us to amazing innovations, and voice search-based digital assistants are one of those advancements that are going to change the ways of accessing the information from the internet. The screens are no longer a necessity to explore what multiple brands all across the globe have to offer.  Tons of voice-based searches are placed each day to extract information provided on numerous websites.

In 2020 you are going to see many Singapore websites optimized for voice-based searches. You need to analyze how search engines choose particular websites to search for answers to the voice-based queries.

Final words

A bland website having no visuals and dull colors would not impress anyone. If you are willing to attract maximum visitors to your website, then it is essential to incorporateelements following the latest web design trends.  The eye-catching outlook of your website is essential to uplift your business and to bring it in the spotlight.