Principles To Maintain User-Friendliness Of A Website

By | February 4, 2020
User-Friendliness Of A Website

Usability has become an all-important feature for the website in the twenty-first century. Since anyone can develop a website with the help of some tutorial on the internet, you have to be on the lookout to decide what makes your business website stand out among a sea of competitor websites.

You definitely want your website to give your customers an enchanting and meaningful visit. It’s not a far-fetched dream. While the world is getting competitive, there are sources that can help you compete and succeed. You need professional help for website maintenance so that the experts adhere to the key principles which will help ensure the high usability of your business website.

This article aims to elaborate on five principles that help ensure high user-friendliness of a business website.

Five principles of high usability on a website    

Principles make things easy and difficult at once. They bring difficulty because you have to adhere to certain dos and don’ts. But the ease comes after adherence. Once you adhere to the principles for your professional website, you will have a website that offers high usability.

Adherence to principles for a professional website warrants you to seek the development expertise of a reputable company. You can easily get in touch with one of the companies offering website maintenance services, which will ensure that your online perception remains positive.

Those principles are as follows:

1. Availability

Search for the website of your favorite clothing brand, and you can’t see it there on the web. How does it make you feel? Do not do that to your customers who love your brand dearly. Make sure the website is up at all times. Invest in good and dependable hosting services.

Availability lies at the forefront of usability for web and mobile applications. A server with a good uptime average will help your website perform well at this front of website usability.

2. Accessibility

Once someone reaches your business website and the page loads on their browser, what’s the worst that could happen? The link they want to navigate doesn’t work. Is that really the worse that could happen? Maybe not. Imagine the visitor is visiting the website from a smartphone and the web design is not suitable for mobile screen.

It is a nightmarish situation for your business image online. You need to keep your website free of broken links and keep it accessible and highly usable on all kinds of devices and browsers.

3. Clarity

Clarity is the core of usability for an online platform. But what does clarity mean for a website? Take it in terms of goals. When a visitor lands on your website, he/she has a certain set of goals in their mind. Is your website capable of helping someone reach their goals?

You can achieve a clear website design by incorporating simplicity, familiarity, consistency. You must add some elements of guidance and feedback. All of this will make your website conducive to reach one’s goals of a site visit.

4. Learnability

Your website has a product showcase, and a comprehensively displays the goals of a visitor. The next crucial principle to make your website user-friendly is to provide an intuitive interface. An intuitive interface is an interface that doesn’t require any instructions.

These are built based on the assumption that people are aware of certain things, and they do not need instructions for them. You can meet the expectations of your visitors with the help of such a design. The way Microsoft redesigned their website last year is the prime example of an intuitive interface.

5. Credibility

Credibility is as important in the case of the online image as it is for your business in general. You need to provide visitors with the content that they are looking for but that’s not where you put a full stop to providing high usability. You need to develop a sense of trust and confidence in the information you are offering.

People need to know that you are a real company, and there’s no reason for them to not trust what you are displaying or claiming on your website.

Looking forward to providing a user-friendly website experience?

Now you know the principles which will provide for you the framework to achieve a highly usable and accessible website experience. You need to follow the principle of clarity, availability, accessibility, and credibility to ensure that.

You can easily get in touch with the best companies for Website Maintenance Dubai to help follow these essential principles. Following these principles is all the therapy your website needs in order to make your website highly credible, clear in its goals and overall user-friendliness.

Choose the professionals wisely if you really want to adhere to these absolutely essential principles of maintaining website usability.