Kuji Cam – Camera App for Android Reviews

By | September 15, 2018

What is the best retro photography camera app for Android and what makes it better than traditional apps? In this article, we’re going to answer that question by introducing you to a cool camera app named Kuji Cam that you should try. In today’s world, many smartphones are equipped with very good cameras. But, to take the full advantage of these cool cameras, you need to have some photography skills.Kuji Cam

Kuji Cam is a simple yet reliable camera app for Android devices that allows you to take professional level photos. The specialty of Kuji Cam is that it is more focused towards retrophotography. Kuji Cam works on almost any Android device, but for the best experience, it requires at least Android Android 5.0 Lollipop. The iOS version of Kuji Cam requires iOS version 11.

Features of Kuji Cam

Kuji Cam is a free camera app. The user interface of Kuji Cam is very simple. Kuji Camera can tell you what angle your smartphone is holding at the moment – together with the optional overlay guides, this will give you the best perspective. This is basically an exciting mix of a camera app and filters. The app is unusually designed and initially limited to the simplest functions. After taking or importing a picture, however, there are numerous filters available to the user – a great deal of which are subject to a charge – as well as a large number of options for editing pictures in order to modify a photo in such a way that the desired look is achieved.

The Kuji Camera app from GinnyPix comes with a whole set of features and options that are especially appreciated by ambitious photographers. But even beginners should not be put off and try out Camera MX, because the user interface is very simple and clean. And we know for sure that the video filmmakers will enjoy the easily adjustable time-lapse feature.

KujiAnother exciting feature of Kuji is called “Timestamp”. When this feature is enabled, the smartphone not only records a single image but also a few seconds before it. The user can then select exactly on the touchscreen, which moment should be stored. This is very helpful especially for scenes with a lot of movement. And it automatically adds a timestamp to every photo you take. If you love retro-photography, you should definitely try this camera app. It also has a social media sharing feature that allows you to share your finished artwork directly on Instagram or Facebook.

Kuji Cam also has a paid version which offers more advanced features. Before purchasing the paid version, we highly recommend you to try out the free version first as it offers almost every feature you need in a camera app. With these solid camera features and editing tools, you can give your pictures a cool retro touch with this app.

Android users can download Kuji Cam APK from Google Play Store. If you’re an iOS user there is a version on App Store, but the iOS version is still under development and lacks some features. Overall, this is a good camera app and we think that everyone should try this.