Do Local Businesses Need Local SEO?

By | September 12, 2018

Local SEOGone are the days where having a few backlinks from random sites got your business noticed on the interwebs. Nowadays, you not only need a well structured and thought out website you need to have a link building and content strategy in place. The issue that comes to hand is that a majority of local businesses either don’t consider these options or don’t understand them. Those that are aware of them find themselves without any extra time to do them or extra funds to pursue them. But just being aware does not actually help because a majority of business owners don’t think that local businesses need local seo. For example, if you are a web design business in San Antonio, don’t you want to come up first in google for Web Design San Antonio?

3 Main SEO Benefits:

  1. One of the main benefits of SEO come in the form of reduced long term spending towards ppc ads. Once you have the correct content strategy in place you will notice that you get traffic from multiple sources across the web. These search results will drive targeted traffic to your website helping increase conversions and sales.
  2. Your new customers will have an easier time finding you. Just like how we personally browse the web, our clients do the same. They look for “the best barber” , “the best vet”, “ the best dentist” etc looking for the top most reliable results. They use these search results to find local businesses that suit their needs and price points.
  3. Better ROI or return on investment. It’s a strategy that allows you to gain dominance in your industry over time. It create a strong bond between your business, your customer and google. Using seo helps you gain valuable reviews, customer insights, increased traffic and sales. It is a better strategy then paid advertising which dies down after the payments stop.

Local Business SEO Checklist

  1. Web Development for SEOMake sure you have a google my business listing. If you don’t already have one be sure to create an account on google business. This free account gives you access to verify your business on google maps, change the details, timings answer reviews and interact with customers. It is also helpful in understanding the true metrics behind your customer searches such as website visits and calls and actions taken on your listing such as directions etc.
  2. Be sure to do local keyword research. Understand what your customers in the area are looking for and cater content that delivers to those needs. Using content creation strategy is one of the easiest ways to your small business to gain exposure. Be sure to do something noteworthy to gain local news outlet exposure as well.
  3. Make sure to keep your Name, Address and Phone numbers consistent throughout the web. When you make listings on google, yelp, foursquare and other sites be sure to have your business name and other details known as NAP consistent. This helps google identify your business across platforms and helps find links back to your website.

Yes, Local Businesses Need Local SEO

It’s extremely vital for a small local business to have an SEO strategy in place if it wants to compete in the online arena. This doesn’t mean hiring a major seo company, just do the basics at least that you can. Especially based on the checklist we mentioned above. This will help you get started in the right direction for your local business seo.