Responsive Web Design: The Future of Online Business

By | December 15, 2015

The technology has undergone a sea change resulting in numerous smart devices of different sizes and resolutions. Earlier you could only open up websites or blogs or anything with www as the prefix and .com as the suffix, only on your desktops or laptops. Today the devices are myriad, specifically the mobile devices.
To cover all the resolution devices, developers have come up with the solution named responsive web design. This is way to design websites in such a way that no matter how big or small the screen is, the website will fit into the dimensions of the device as if it was designed for that specific device only. The basic idea behind it is to enhance the user experience on websites providing easy access on your device.
If the visitors have easy and better access to your website, there are high chances of conversion. Nobody travels with the PC all the time, but every person has mobile devices which mean he/she can also land onto your site at any odd time. With your non-responsive website you are surely loosing on with your business conversions. Let us see more of the hidden advantages of using responsive website designs:

  1. Easy switching from desktop to mobile device: If a visitor landed up at your website while using a desktop but could not explore it more so he/she decides to open it on website. Then responsive website plays a big role in converting that visitor into a customer. The user experience is not lost which eventually lets the visitor stay on your website for longer time.Easy switching from desktop to mobile device
  2. No need to build another site: If your website has a responsive design, there is no need to build regular site and mobile site separately. You just need to build one website and it adapts to every resolution device.
  3. No maintenance: There is absolutely no need for maintenance to make your website compatible with the future browsers. The responsive design makes it compatible for all the browsers including the ones that will come up in the
  4. Statistics: Another perk of using responsive design is better information of your website traffic. Whether a person has read the latest post or not, the location and time, you can keep track of all the information.Business Graph with arrow showing profits and gains
  5. Larger Target Audience: Every smart entrepreneur knows that mobile industry is the future of technology. Neglecting the devices would be the most foolish decision to make. In order to target larger masses, responsive website design is a must for every businessman
  6. Quicker Loading: The responsive website takes less than 2 seconds to load on any mobile device whereas if you open a non-responsive website on your mobile device, then the visitor may end up just closing the website because of the never-ending wait.quick loading

If you have an online magazine or a blog, then you cannot sustain in the market without having a mobile website. The users generally like to read on their mobile devices which is why you would lose big time without responsive website. That being said, if you do not have it yet, you might have a large frustrated audience out there, no matter how good your website/blog is.

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The mobile traffic has almost overtaken the desktop internet traffic. This is the right time to choose responsive website for your business and you will not regret your decision in any way. WordPress provides many plugins and responsive themes from which you can choose to start with. Responsive website is the future of online business and it is your choice if you want to grow bigger in your future or not.

The above given benefits apparently enough for a businessman to choose responsive website for his online business. If you still have doubts, you can always go and check on “Full Value of Mobile” Calculator of Google. You can check the how the mobile design can change the face of your business by inputting any variables or figures.

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