How to Make Your Documents Look Professional?

By | November 21, 2019

documents editingAt some part of life, everyone is asked to “show professionalism,” but why is it so? It’s because a professional behavior and conducts helps a business or an individual in growing in this competitive environment.

Professionalism isn’t only about ethics, as it should also be visible in your work. You can make your work look professional by editing the documents before sending them out. Whether you’re creating documents for business or preparing files for submitting in colleges, you should always try to give them a professional touch.

If you are unaware of the ways of editing documents, then you’ve landed at the right place. In this post, you will find out some easy steps that can make your documents appear professional. But before moving to that, you should be aware of the best format for editing documents.

Any guesses?

It is MS Word. Word is the best platform with a variety of features to edit your files. No doubt, PDF or portable document format is the most professional and widely used file format, but it lacks the editing feature. If you want your files in PDF, then there is no need to worry. After editing documents, you can use the Word to PDF tool for getting them in PDF format. This website will get you a PDF file without disturbing the formatting you’ve done in Word.

Now, as your mind might be clear, let’s move on to the tips for editing files in Word to make them professional.

The Font Adjustment Must Be Intact

The initial step is to use the same size font and color throughout a document. The reason behind using similar font size is to deliver the message that each paragraph of the text carries equal importance and is worth reading. For instance, if you’re italicizing one paragraph in your document while all other text is simple, then it might create a psychological impact on the reader’s mind. He/she might not go through the whole text and just read the italicized paragraph. Therefore, it’s essential to use the same font size, color, or style in the entire content (except headings).

Use Left Alignment for All Paragraphs

Many people make the mistake of using justified alignment in their documents. Justified alignments disturb the readability when the document is printed out. Therefore, aligning your whole document to the left is the best option as it wouldn’t create illogical spacing between letters. You might be wondering that justified alignment fits well for newspapers, but that’s not the case with documents. It is because justified alignment will create rivers of white between words of your document, and it will look unprofessional.

Adjust Line Spacing

Line spacing is the gap that would be visible between the lines of your text and paragraphs. It can vary according to the document you are preparing. If you want to printout documents, then line spacing should be reduced as it will summarize the content in fewer pages. On the other hand, if you are going to email the file, then you can increase the gap to improve the readability for the receiver.

Apply Proper Headings and Subheadings

Headings and subheads play an integral role in the structure of a document. If you are preparing a detailed report, then categorizing it into segments would make it look formal. Moreover, a heading should summarize all the details contained in a document. For instance, if your document’s main heading is about financing options, but it also includes sales related information, then the title isn’t appropriate. Similarly, the text under a subhead should only cover the information that directly relates to it.

As mentioned before, the font size of the text must remain the same, but not in the case of headings. The headings size should be bigger than the other text, and its color or style could also be changed. The best way to highlight a heading or subheading is by making it bold or changing it to the blue color.


You can create a significant impact to your employer by following the tips mentioned above in your documents. But remember, Word might not be the best file format for sending the file to another person, so you should convert it to PDF with Word to PDF converter.