Overview of Exam related Products

By | October 19, 2019

To all those people out there who can’t manage to pass in the exam and needs some kind of a professional device for that purpose, https://www.examdevices.com brings you a wide range of professional invisible devices that can help students to pass the test, exam or whatever they are taking. This company was founded in the year 2000 by two highly experienced telecom engineers in Netherlands. In the beginning, this company was delivering their products locally, but as the demand grew, now the company has managed to supply its products internationally.

Some best seller products by exam devices are:

  • The mini button camera:

This is a small sized, easy to hide camera that transmits live HD quality images of your topic within seconds. The device is very easy to hide and has a good battery time.

  • I-cheat S1 4K cheating on exam camera:

This latest product is used to transmit real-time images at a resolution of 4K UHD. This camera can be used for any exam that has a duration of more than one hour.

  • GSM card with invisible earpiece (2019):

This is an advanced wire free system that is only recommended to be used if one has to appear in a major exam or an exam where you are not allowed to bring a mobile phone with you in the room. This is an undetectable device with size of a bank card and has a very high quality microphone. Also the battery time is almost 6 to 7 hours.

  • Inductor necklace with micro headset:

This device is the most simple and easy to use among all. Though its price is very small as compared to others but it is the most effective device ever. It becomes 100% invisible while in your ear and is compatible with any mobile phone.

  • GSM box with inductive Nano earpieces Neckloop:

This device is very advanced and non-wire system that is used for cheating in any kind of exam. It works on a GSM network and answers automatically to the call. The battery time of this device is 3 to 4 hours and this device also has a high performance microphone.

  • Cheat camera with invisible earpiece and GSM box:

This professional device has video camera in a button that will help you to take images and send it to your helper. With that it also contains a GSM box that is used to receive back the desired answers from your helper. This system also provides with a pair of invisible earpiece.

  • Sony 337 battery for earpieces:

This is a small sized battery that is used for hand watches and Micro-headset MC-2000. The purpose of these batteries is to give you a better autonomy. These batteries are made of silver oxide and are made in Japan.

With the above mentioned devices, there are also many more available for users to choose from according to their requirement. Hence we can say that taking one of these devices can solve our problem of failing in an exam.