Overview of FixMeStick

FixMeStickMany computer users face uncountable problems if they happen to encounter different viruses and malwares detected. Sometimes a file is downloaded with which a lot of malware is also accidently downloaded to their computers. As a result, essential data and important files might get lost or corrupted or may be exposed. This is a very serious problem and a lot of harm is caused by it. This problem usually happens when a user’s antivirus is not installed or updated. As a result any kind of virus or malware can enter your computer and cause serious problems. Can you think of any better way to get yourself out of this mess real quick? Maybe not, so o overcome this problem of yours, we bring you the ‘FixMeStick’ usb thanks to the modern technology which not only detects the threat, but also eliminates the viruses and malwares keeping your computer safe in an instant.

However, it is not a specified anti-virus or anti malware meaning this is not a permanent fix and can never be used as a replacement of any computer antivirus but still this is a very useful tool. It literally comes handy endorsed and programmed inside a simple usb making it a small yet a very powerful and effective device.

This small yet powerful tool which can also be referred to as an antivirus or antimalware tool is a type of tool that would always runs check for different types of malware and product updates every time you launch it. Hence if there is a new kind of a virus or malware, it will easily be detected by the fix me stick. Now the question comes that how does it work? Well there are very simple steps for this thing to work its magic. Whenever you have detected a virus or found malware and your antivirus isn’t updated, you’ll plug this thing to your computer.

Generally after plugging in, it runs automatically but if not, then run it by yourself. This tool will first reboot your computer and then will scan for all types of viruses found. The tool will automatically connect with the wifi of the computer and then will give you information about all the threats that are founded into your computer and this will be showed to you in the form of a report. Next it will start removing these viruses and malwares. The time taken to complete this task may be half an hour but it can also take 2 hours or more so it is not unusual if it takes too much time. Once the procedure is done you just have to remove the stick from your computer and then you are all done. Seems like a very big problem was solved by this small stick in just a few hours. Also the usb stick is very easy to use, fast running and also the bootable antivirus removes all the malware and viruses in no time. So I would totally say that this fix me stick is a very amazing tool that is totally worth buying.