Where to Learn UX Design for free?

By | February 10, 2022

Did you know?

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that all the jobs for UX designers are expected to grow by 8% and this percentage is much faster than average.
  • UX design jobs are considered to be one the best-paid jobs in the country where the designers can easily earn a median salary of $75,000 annually.
  • With that, there are 10% of the UX designers that are earning more than $109,000 annually.
  • Similarly, in a survey, we found out there were 84% of the product designers who have claimed to have a salary increase in the last 2 years. And further they expect to get a 20% increase in the upcoming years.
  • Payscale claims that a UX designer who has not even a full year experience can earn around $63,706 annually. And those who have more than one year of experience can earn more than $100,000.

These stats and facts can clearly give you a clear picture of whether or not you should make a career in this field. If you want to know about the best training for UX designs, then visit here.

Free Resources to start Learning UX Design:

Below are the details of some free resources/courses to start learning UX design.

Google UX Design Foundation:

  • This professional certificate aims to help learners understand how they can identify the common job responsibilities of entry-level UX designers.
  • The best thing about this professional certificate is its focus on explaining the foundational concepts in UX design where you will understand what a user-centered design is, the design process, and equity-focused design.
  • This professional certificate or the courses available are suitable for all those individuals out there who wish to understand how to create an online portfolio for showcasing their work and find out the work of a UX designer. You might also be interested in Why you need professional web designer service?

Reviews: This is a very engaging specialization that has equally competitive courses and each course has something unique to offer. I would like to thank the instructors of this specialization and the platform Coursera for providing us with such amazing learning content. Would definitely recommend this specialization to all those interested in UX/UI design. (Anonymous learner, ★★★★★ ).

UI/UX Design Courses by CALARTS – California Institute of ARTS

  • This is a highly engaging specialization where you will get to understand what a design-centric approach to UX design is. This specialization offers a practical and skill-based instruction that is revolving around visual communication perspective.
  • The reason why we chose this specialization is its focus on explaining the different stages of UI/UX development.
  • This specialization is suitable for all those who wish to understand all the current best practices and conventions in UX design.

Reviews: From a beginner level to advanced, this specialization is suitable for everyone interested. Before enrolling in this specialization I was a complete beginner but the way all the courses are designed and the topics explained is amazing. (Anonymous learner, ★★★★★ ).

UX Design by HEC Montreal

  • This is a type of course that will help you understand what divergent ideation methods are for bringing creativity to problem-solving. Here you will also understand what incremental, radical, and disruptive innovation in the UX design process is.
  • The best thing about this course is its focus on explaining what a User-Centered Design approach is.
  • This course is suitable for all those learners who are interested in learning all about the design thinking theory and practice.