Top 10 Best Free Web Development Course & Certification in 2019

Web development courses are hugely in demand now. With new programs releasing and progression in technology occurring as we speak, it is never too late to familiarise yourself with the concept of web development.Web Development Training

Whether you are a student or hoping to advance in your career, an extra certification in this field is always recommendable. The best part is there are many courses available for free, making it equally accessible to students too. As a student, if you are wondering how to find time to learn an extra course amidst the college work, fortunately, EssayPro is ready to lend a hand to you.

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With that taken care of, why not seriously consider these exceptional web development certification courses that will shine in your resume.

1. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology does not need any introduction. Their free Mooc would be one glory way to start learning the basics of programming and development. The program is taught by prof. John Guttag through video lectures and is intended for students with little programming experience.

2. Linkedlin Learning

LinkedIn offers a wide array of free web development studies from trainers all over the world. They include courses on Angular, PHP, HTML, react and many more subjects. They vary in duration and learning level, and available for free for 30 days on trial and thereafter with a subscription.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy features some of the best MOOC courses on the internet. There are a few free courses on web programming to get you started. They range from beginner to expert levels on topics like HTML, SQL and advanced courses on interactive websites, gaming, and visualization.

4. Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch

This particular course is offered by Udemy, another established online learning platform. The course is a single long training program of 4.5 hours covering basic concepts of web development. The focus here is on responsive web design as one of the rising categories in the field.

5. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

This course provided by Harward University is available on edX for free. The program introduces students to concepts like algorithms, abstraction, resource management, web design and languages including SQL, C, Python, and more.

6. Foundations of Front-End Web Development

According to Udemy, this course will kickstart your career as a Front End Developer. It covers all the essential for starters and prepares one at the level of a junior developer, providing solid foundations for higher levels of specialization.

7. Web development 101

The Odin Project is another prominent website offering open courses on computer programming. This Web Development 101 touches all the essentials tools to build a working website and offers the students a thorough base for advanced programming aspects.

8. Modern Web Design

Web design is a highly coveted career option these days. The Modern Web Design Course is offered by Gymnasium and walks you through the basics of CSS, HTML, and Javascript. The frame further covers leaning methods of responsive design for smart devices also.

9. Google’s Free Mobile Web Specialist Certification

This one is only a certification and not a course. But if you are planning to take a course or get a valid certification as a self-taught developer, then there is no one better than Google to accredit you. Google allows individuals to take an exam that covers subjects like Front end networking, website layout, web apps and such. The certification also comes with a study guide for reference before taking the exam.

10. Developing Dynamic Web Applications Using Angular

This course taught by Microsoft is available on edX. The program focuses on broadening the knowledge of developers using Angular for their work. It looks into the history of the language, explore concepts and covers the designing and HTML components as well.

There is no shortage in the free courses on the internet. Depending on how advanced you are, these courses could prove to be highly beneficial to stay updated in the rapidly changing field.