Mistakes People Make When Buying a Watch

By | February 9, 2019

A watch says more about your personality and style. It can tell people what you do for a living or the activities you engage yourself in. For men, a watch is more than a tool to tell time.

Today, there are plenty of stores selling different types of watches and this can make it difficult to choose the best for yourself. There are many things that you need to consider before you decide which watch to settle with.

You need to equip yourself with information to be able to choose a watch you want. That being said, you may heed the advice of your watch dealer if everything seems difficult for you. But you must research first to have an idea of the watch you want else, you will end up with a bad investment.

Well, of course, there are cheap watches out there and expensive ones as well. Deciding whether to buy the cheap or expensive ones needs some thoughtful considerations. As a result, people end up making some costly mistakes.

Read on to learn the mistake people make when buying a watch.

1. The Trends

Most people buy a watch following the trends. This is one of the common mistakes that people make up to today. While the latest watches come with computer-like features, it does not mean they are the best ones for you. Remember, you have your own personality and style and these should be the factors to influence your buying decision.

Think about this: Why do trends come and go while analog watches don’t go?

2. Buy a Watch Because Your Friends Bought it

John, you know what? I bought this watch yesterday and it really is an awesome watch I thought you should buy it also.

Dude, have your life. You are a man and must decide what to and what not to buy and when it comes to watches, you should buy one that reflects your tastes and one that suits your outfit.

Well, this does not mean that you are making mistakes to seek advice from your friends or get some suggestions. But you should be the person to decide what you want. You should buy one that you will want to look at it every day.

3. Ignoring the Watch Band

The watch band can add flair to your watch. It can make it lighter or heavier. Most people make the mistake of not considering the watch band. The different types of watch bands are:

  • Metal– These are gold, platinum, silver and more. A metal watch band can make the watch lighter or heavier. A metal watch band is suitable for people with a larger wrist.
  • Leather– A leather band makes your watch look vintage-like. If you choose a leather band, it should match your outfits.
  • Plastic or Rubber– Plastic or Rubber is sturdy and lightweight. It is ideal for people who are sports minded.

4. Spending too Much on a Watch

Although it can tell what the time of the day is and many other things, it is still a watch. You cannot compare it with your other important bills. Spending too much on it would be a mistake you should avoid at all cost.

If you have to buy a new watch, then have a reasonable budget that you can afford to spend and still settle your other bills. Going beyond your budget would not be a good idea.

5. Overlooking the Quartz Movement

There is a reason why trends come ago and the quartz movement stays put. Most people think that this watch detail is old-fashion. The quartz and mechanical movement differ on their second had. The quartz movement has a second hand with a tick-tick motion while the mechanical movement second hand has a sweeping motion. The mechanical type can be manual where you will need to manually wind the mainspring or automatic where you will need to move your wrist to wind the mainspring.

To Summarize…

A watch being an accessory can make you stand out in the crowd but you need to consider several factors and avoid the mistakes we have outlined in this article.

Be it your first watch, second or third, always choose carefully when buying.