Newsfeeds Posts – Replacement of Facebook Share Button with Message Button

By | September 12, 2018

The Purpose of Newsfeed Posts:

The main objective of Facebook is to choose the most engaging as well as relevant stories to show in its news feeds. It will help you to select the best content form the different potential stories that can easily appear in your newsfeed every day, and it will put those into the first few dozens of the slot that you will be able to browse through.Facebook Share Button

These stories will get the rank and will show to get the more important from the huge stuff such as the news article shared by you and your ten friends, or your friend is getting married, or most of the links share by many brands on their website.

It will help to more engaging the relevant content; complete your mission to connect with more relevant people and to earn more revenue from the ads that will show in newsfeeds.

You can get different buttons under these feeds such as like, comment and share that will help you to share this newsfeed on your timeline, give any comment on them or like the newsfeeds that will help to increase its value as well as its rank.

But now the Facebook is replacing the share button under with message button under the news feeds for its followers.

Replacement of Share Button:

Share button was helpful through which you can share the newsfeeds on your timeline that your friends can see and share. Sharing the posts on your timeline and with the friends is one of the important ways of interacting with users with each other by using Facebook. Now according to a new leak the Facebook replacing the share button with message button to test.

According to the tweet of Matt Navarra, the famous consultant of digital media, as well as social media Facebook, is replacing their share button with the message button on the posts.

The update is coming from the posts on profiles and newsfeeds.

Hurt Organic Reach:

Maybe it will help a lot to the users to interact with each other with the help of message button by contacting with each other, but it considers that the button will not help the organic reach of pages. It can badly hurt them and can make the newsfeeds more complicated.


Facebook has not confirmed this change officially, and it will not guarantee that the testing will work. It can decrease the time limit of people that they spend on Facebook to share the newsfeeds.

Not Too Many People Use Messenger:

Not a too much people on Facebook use messenger to communicate any other people, and if the Facebook is trying to push people on this platform, it might be possible that they start to hover on the primary app and then they will exit the newsfeeds.

The purpose of replacement is that the Facebook is trying to help the users to manage their time on this platform. Facebook is rolling out the time management tool for both the Facebook as well as Instagram Likes. The users can easily overview the time that they spend on the applications daily and weekly, set the time limits and manage the notifications for the time the people want to dedicate in a day to the applications.