English exam for success in technical jobs abroad

By | August 8, 2018

You have might have taken the latest programing course and be well versed with not just the latest ASP .NET Core but also Ruby and Rails and DevOps is something that you can just do in sleep, but even then a job in an English speaking country might be out of your reach.

See the issue is that for these jobs you need to obtain a work visa and that requires a certain level of English skill, often proven by exams such as IELTS And PTE Academic. PTE is the new exam by Pearson but IELTS has been around for years.

Can you repeat English sentences exactly as you hear? Not just a fun activity, this is actually a skill that is tested in PTE. Read this guide from Sure Way English on what Repeat Sentence questions are in PTE Academic, to find out more.

If you enjoy doing such activities then PTE Academic might just be your pass to working abroad. A combination of your technical programming skills and good English conversation skills will make you an attractive candidate for foreign companies.

In a survey of 150 Australian companies that hired programmers, more than 90% mentioned good English communication skills as one of their top three criteria for hiring. We programmers often tend to overestimate the importance of technical skills, but do not pay enough attention to the softer skills.

It is now proven in various social research studies that even in technical individual contribution roles like that of a coder, soft skills such as working in a team, resolving an interpersonal dispute and putting across your point, play a vital role.

So, if you are serious about working abroad and having a successful programing career in a country like US, Australia and UK, you must pay attention to your English skills. Once you are confident, take an exam like PTE Academic and prove your proficiency to prospective employers.