Learn About the Phases of Software Development Life Cycle

By | May 15, 2018

Software Development Life Cycle is a cycle that is helpful in tracking down the complete background history of an Information technology system. In an IT system, the data it receives can be changed into some kind of information. Along with this, this system is capable of allowing the user to manage the data and the derived information. There is a very close relationship between Software Development Life Cycle and an IT System.Software Development Lifecycle

How Software Development Life Cycle and an IT System is Related?

The process through which a complete IT System is developed is called as Software Development Life Cycle. So, the Software Development Life Cycle determines the need, as well as the extent of the need, of this information system. This is how they are related to each other.

Importance of Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle the cycle of development of such a system that is effective enough to fulfill the needs of the clients or customers. The utility and the efficiency of this system are very high to be used for the IT infrastructure. In addition to this, it can be maintained at a very low cost and at the same time it proves to be very inexpensive if some improvements are required to make in it.

Phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) system goes through five major phases to complete its cycle of development. These include:

1. Planning

This is the general overview that is made for the Software Development at very early stages. It decides about the continuation, modification, and replacement is taken into account. The feasibility of the decision is also assessed during planning. The total cost needed for any of the decided future action is also considered in this phase.

2. Analysis

All the important points and decisions made during planning are thoroughly analyzed during this stage. This will reveal the potential and the problem areas of the Software System Development. The assessment of future opportunities is also an important part of this phase. Most of the popular software development companies, such as, Vironit, pay special attention to the analysis phase.

3. Detailed System Design

During this stage of Software System Development, the developer goes through all the details of the software. All the major, as well as the major details, are observed with great attention and care to make the product more refine. Additions and subtraction for important changes are mainly made during this phase.

4. Implementation

The system that is developed so far is tested at this stage. It is installed, and then the developer checks how all its applications function. The whole system is every little detail is evaluated critically to see any further changes.

5. Maintenance

If no such error or fault is identified at the implementation phase, the maintenance becomes the next priority of the developer. This is done as soon as the users start to respond to the system.

This is all about the software system development cycle. It is simple, but experts are always needed to come up with something that the clients feel satisfied with.