Key Graphic Design Trends in 2018

By | March 14, 2018

Graphics Design Trends in 2018In today’s fast-changing world, graphic design trends emerge every now and then. They disappear quickly too. What was in trend is now completely out of date in 2018. Nevertheless, there are some graphic design trends that are still in practice. 2018 is the year of crazy designs, experiments and wild imagination. Some design trends are quite unexpected, while some others are gaining the momentum. So, just have a look at the main graphic design trend 2018, which is mentioned here below:

1. Vivid colours will be Used Extensively

2016 and 2017 were the years of the development of minimalism and black colour. Web designers used black and its shades as the main colour while creating professional websites. Now, the accent is shifted from the simplicity to the detailing. The captivating drawn graphic images will attract more eyeballs and will help entrepreneurs to grab more business opportunities. In 2018, bright colours will be used extensively

2. Complementary Reality (CR)

Complementary Reality is a major trend that began to gain momentum in 2017. All those graphics that depict real objects and their philosophy trend to catch the attention of the targeted audience. When a picture (which consists of two objects) is depicted in two different styles- skewomorphism and digital metaphor, then it is called Complementary Reality. As we know that the most effective interaction occurs through visual means, CR is the best suited for the role of non-verbal communication language.

3. Sketches and illustrated illustration

This trend started to develop in 2017. The author’s graphics and a unique illustration really matter a lot when they read the web contents. Manually created sketches are often used for the presentation of almost all products/services, such as the cover of a movie, book, etc. All these are done in in conjunction with photography. Painted illustrations will be used on a large scale in graphics projects in 2018. It doesn’t matter that are in 3D design or in the style of “flat” design.

4. Crossing Styles

It sounds unexpected, but it’s true. The uniqueness and creative approach (while creating websites and on-demand applications) are the key trends of graphic design in 2018. Large international brands target the mass market and they focus on real creativity. So, Crossing and merging styles in one project is their priority. It puts challenges before web designers and developers. Bright colours with gradients and sketches and Illustrations by hand and photographs are some main examples of crossing styles.

5. More design in Augmented Reality

The rapid development of augmented reality will be noticeable in the video industry, game industry and mobile application development industry. It is believed that AR will inspire more web developers and designers in 2018.

6. 3D Typography

3D typography will become even more popular and common in 2018. All website designers need to be impressive and creative in their web development and design assignments because 3D technology is an effective means of communicating with the audience. It helps them to draw the customer’s attention to the product and corporations and encourage them to the specific products manufactured by particular companies. So, we are likely to see the increased use of 3D Animation in the web development and design world.

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7. Animated Retro illustrations

Modern illustrations, decorated in retro style will dominate the graphic design 2018. Apart from this, the number of well-designed animations will increase up to a great extent because its intention is to make the story fascinating.

8. Simplified semi-3D and Adaptive Logos

Semi 3D and Adaptive LogoIn today’s modern world, the use of mobile devices (for internet browsing) is rapidly increasing with each passing day. So, the demand for adaptive logos is increasing by leaps and bounds. So, the approach of creating one logo and reducing its size is no longer helpful.

As a matter of fact, one logo has several versions for mobile devices, tablets, computers and other types of equipment. The adaptive web designs became a necessity a couple of years ago and the same thing is happening with logos in 2018.

As shown the picture, the new logos will be a combination of simplified forms using 2D and 3D technologies. Moreover, Smooth colour transitions will add a well-balanced depth to the image and Bright and rich colours will be used to make the brand more visible on the World Wide Web, social media channels, blogs, and other web forums.

9. Symmetry and asymmetry

Symmetry and asymmetry have their pros and cons. Always keep in mind that the rules for applying symmetry and asymmetry are the same in graphic design. The same holds true for the development of websites and on-demand mobile applications. Aesthetics and tendency to perfectionism are the main features of symmetry. You must know that Asymmetry plays the opposite role for graphic design and it brings aesthetic pleasure to websites and apps on most of the occasions.

10. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes have been used by website designers since long. In 2018, the use of geometric figures is best suited for business websites. This will help them to streamline the presentation of data, attract more customers, and generate more business opportunities.

11. The Increased Use of Various Design software

These days, almost all website design and development companies use excellent and multifunctional programs for the creation of websites and applications, such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, etc. So, all website design and developers must have a rich set of tools to work with both 2D and 3D shapes and vector image format. They also have the option of choosing plugins. In 2018, it’s worthwhile to use the graphic design elements carefully to create amazing websites and apps.

Final Words:

The new trends in Graphic design keep emerging from time-to-time. New trends come every year and old trends become out of the date. These are the top 11 new trends of graphic design in 2018. Just study that carefully and use those elements while creating awesome websites and mobile applications. This will keep you in trend and you will be able to get more projects.

Author Bio:

Lauren Mclaren is the author of this article. She works as a  website designer and blogger at  Digital Muscle Limited which is an affordable SEO company in Australia. He keeps writing about new design elements and trends that are used in website/app creation. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to get his updates easily.

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