Internet Explorer cannot diplay the webpage

By | November 30, 2012
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage is an ambiguous error message and there can be different reasons for this error to happen.
But here I’ll discuss  and explain where I was getting this issue and how I resolved it?I was working with an ASP.NET project and on development machine everything was working fine, but when I deployed the application on one of my server and try to access it locally on server as well as remotely through my personal machine, it was giving the same error….”Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. Actually on server machine, I mapped the Application name i.e. “” to server machine IP address.In order to resolve the issue, I googled a lot of things and finally resolve the issue as follows:

1. On server, open the Host file and make the entry for mapping as.
this resolved the issue on server when I tried to access the application while sitting on server
machine, but remotely still facing the same issue.

2. In order to resolve remote access, coordinated with Network team to make same entry on DNS
server for my application.
After making entry in DNS server, the issue is resolved remotely as well.

As I discussed earlier there can be other reasons for this kind of issue, so you will find many other solutions for same error on internet.

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