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How to Install an SSL Certificate on Your WordPress Site

ЅЅL (оr Ѕесurе Ѕосkеt Lауеrs) іs а protocol fоr еnсrурtіng соmmunісаtіоn bеtwееn wеb sеrvеrs аnd сlіеnts’ browser (vіsіtоrs). Аn ЅЅL Сеrtіfісаtе dоеs twо thіngs — іt fасіlіtаtеs еnсrурtіоn vіа thе ЅЅL рrоtосоl (оr mоrе ассurаtеlу, thе ТLЅ рrоtосоl—соllоquіаllу іt іs knоwn аs ЅЅL) whіlе аlsо аuthеntісаtіng thе іdеntіtу оf thе wеb sеrvеr. And ever since… Read More »

What is the best way to create FREE Incremental Backups

Incremental backups refer to backups that automatically store any changes that are made so that users are able to choose to revert back whenever necessary instead of backing up entire website files or database structures every time a backup is made. This process is similar to the processes you see in Dropbox and other similar… Read More »

Ultimate Guide: How to Fix Database Connection Error in WordPress

Every WordPress website owner understands the importance of the WordPress database. Your content, user information, settings, images, meta descriptions, etc, all fall within your website database. WordPress websites run smoothly at most of the times. But, on some occasions, you face unexpected problems among which “error establishing a database connection” is the most frustrating ones.… Read More »