Building RESTful Web services with ASP.NET Core

Practical approach to Build RESTful Web Services using ASP.NET CoreRESTful Web services with ASP.NET Core

This ASP.NET Core Online Course consists of 5 sections. We will start exploring the basics including RESTful concepts, ASP.NET Core and .NET CLI. Moving further, we will go further exploring ASP.NET Core by creating a new ASP.NET Core project using Visual Studio 2017, understanding what is a middleware? related configurations and different available environments for ASP.NET Core. Then we will be creating our first endpoint using ASP.NET Core Web API and create a data storage using Entity Framework Core. Later performing different CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations in completing our RESTful API, we will further dig and understand more related concepts like Formatters, Content Negotiation, Logging, Validations, maintaining versioning and applying Authentication etc. Finally deploying our Web API to Microsoft Azure using Visual Studio as well as to a Docker Container.

Before going into details, let’s highlight few key points about this Course:

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Student’s Feedback and Reviews:

Please find the below overall feedback about this Practical RESTful Web Service with ASP.NET Core Online Course.

RESTful Web Services with ASP.NET Core Course Rating

Target Audiences for Online Course:

This Online Course targeting developers with basic knowledge of C# and .NET Core.

Entity Framework 2.0 and ASP.NET Core Online Course Topics Details:

The online courses covers the following topics in details:

  • Basics of ASP.NET Core Course
    • The Course Overview
    • Getting Understanding about the REST Principles
    • Understanding ASP.NET Core
    • Get familiarize with .NET Command-line Interface
  • Getting deep understanding about ASP.NET Core
    • Create your first ASP.NET Core Project using Visual Studio 2017
    • Understanding Middleware in ASP.NET Core
    • Understanding ASP.NET Core Configuration
    • ASP.NET Core – Working with multiple environments
  • Building your First Endpoint with ASP.NET Core
    • Use Entity Framework Core to create a Data Storage
    • Create an Endpoint
    • Insert and Update Data Operations
    • Update and Delete Data Partially
  • ASP.NET Core Web API – the Next Steps
    • What are Formatters?
    • How Content Negotiation works?
    • How to enable logging?
    • Doing Validation
    • How to API Document for ASP.NET Core Web API
    • Moving forward – Add Paging, Sorting, and Filtering to our Web API
    • How to maintain versioning
    • Applying Authentication
  • ASP.NET Core Web API – Deploying the Web API
    • Using Visual Studio to deploy our Web API to Microsoft Azure
    • How to Deploy Web API to a Docker Container?

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