iOS 10 & Swift 3: From Beginner to Paid Professional Review

Mobile App Development

The mobile world happens to be a fast growing, highly competitive world in which innovations and inventions are being made at a daily pace with the results being quite incredulous. Mobile App Development is the process of turning ideas into reality through the process that involves things such as design, prototyping, testing and many others in the cycle of application development, testing, release, and monitoring. Mobile applications have permeated the world around us allowing us to see things in new ways. We can now make much more use out of data than we used to in the past thanks to mobile applications that are designed and built for that particular purpose.Multi-player Mobile Gaming Apps

iOS developers are in high demand in almost every region. Developers with right skill can easy land high paying jobs or even they can create their own Mobile Apps and earn very good amount of money as bringing one’s ideas to the real world of mobile users where everyone is going to pay for their effort.

As per, the Average Salary of an iOS Developer in United States is $115,267 per year and that’s undoubtedly higher than most of the other computer fields. This data is based on past 12 months of advertisement and lastly updated on May 02, 2017.iOS Developer Salaries by Indeed

The Quick and Easy Way to Become an iOS 10 and Swift 3 Mobile Developer

Developers or programming enthusiasts that are looking to enter the world of mobile application development can take part in an iOS 10 and Swift 3 online course that will take them deep into testing, iterations and other development paradigms that are used in the real world. Additionally, the course involves a lot of practical hands-on work which ensures that you are able to keep up with the pace without losing out on any precious skills in the process.Mobile App Development

As a beginner, the world of mobile application development may seem a bit foreign and far-off, but over the course of time, it gets more fun and easier especially for those keen in development. The hands-on practice also implies that you will get experience as well as you go about developing applications for real-world needs and uses.

Best designed course online for iOS & Swift by Mark Price who is an experience Mobile App Developer, developed many Mobile Apps for iOS and Android platform. He has also developed many Unity 3D games including Call of Duty Ghosts mobile.

Before going into details, let’s highlight few key points about this Course:

  • Declared Best Seller Online Course at
  • 48,130++ students enrolled
  • 8,745 Review available
  • 71.5 Hours on-demand videos
  • 14 Articles
  • 59 Supplemental Resource
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 days Money back guarantee
  • You can get the course at Discounted Price here.

Most attractive feature is 30 days Money Back Guarantee means there is NO RISK. If you didn’t like this iOS 10 and Swift 3 Online Course, you can refund your money back within 30 days of purchase.


Student’s Feedback and Reviews:

The Online Course has maintained an average rating of above 4.5 by 48,130+ students.Average Rating of iOS Online Course

Also, if you go through the reviews about this course and the teacher Mark Price, it’s all very helpful to understand how many others benefitted from this course and become PAID iOS professionals.

High quality education, good explanation of what we are doing. Easy to follow along. And always a good sense of humor. You will learn by doing apps that you can tweak and release by your self.
by Anders Zetterström

I have just completed this course after 3 months of studying with a full time job and busy household. I have been regularly applying what I have learned and I have to say even as a developer of 5 years I learnt a bucket load. I mainly wanted to take the course to learn Swift 3 as I am an Objective C developer who put off learning Swift for so long. I not only have the foundation with Swift down but I learned a tone of extra stuff i.e Firebase and Sketch! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this course to newbies or existing developers! Really good work guys!
by Alex McPherson

More reviews can be found here.

Who is this iOS 10 and Swift 3 Online Course For?

This Online Course is for anyone with basic computer knowledge and is seeking to further their career by starting to develop applications. It is also for those aspiring app developers that are looking for some hands-on training that is set at their own pace for the best impact. Additionally, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions as that is the one thing that keeps us evolving and moving forward with technology.Take-This-Course

Key Features of iOS 10 and Swift 3 Online Course:

Learners and developers that are starting out can benefit from learning how to take advantage of the iOS platform and the Swift programming language to develop applications that are fast, agile and conformant with the specifications laid out. The two technologies are easy and fast to learn and will impart some practical skills that you can use to develop applications that are within set objectives, practical and even useful in the real world.

Before you start the iOS 10 and Swift 3 online course, consider the following in mind:

  • You can start from beginning till end of this course if you are newbie to programming mobile application development.
  • You can skip the Swift section, if you already know Swift 2 or Swift 3 ( as changes between these 2 swift versions are minor)
  • If you already registered for iOS 9 course, it’s recommended to take this iOS 10 course as it contains a bunch of new apps.

Course Topics Details:

Followings are key areas of iOS Mobile App Development this course covers:

  • Introduction to iOS 10 and Swift 3
  • Downloading and Installing Xcode 8
  • Building your first iOS 10 Mobile App
  • Understanding Programming with Swift 3 with Object Oriented concepts implementation. Finally there is Quiz to validate the knowledge acquired.
  • Understanding versions control with Git and GitHub
  • iOS Foundation – even if you are not familiar with iOS before, you can start learning the iOS environment.
  • How to persist data in iOS environment?
  • How to convert a Swift 2 Core Data Project to Swift 3?
  • More advance Swift 3 concepts including protocol oriented programming
  • Hot new features of iOS 10?
  • How to building a Full Stack Application using Firebase?
  • More concepts like Maps, GPS, Geolocation, Pokeman and Firebase?
  • and many more… For all, please follow here.


Development of applications for the iOS 10 platform is something that can give you plenty of fun as well as taking you through the world of code and networks that are used to determine when and whether you are going to receive a notification or not. Learning Swift can prove really useful for a person seeking to make inroads to the world of iOS and elegant apps that will catch the eye of the audience. With the details highlighted above, you will be able to serve real world needs with a technology that is equally on par.Take-This-Course

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