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8 Tips for Creating a Perfect Homepage

Introduction: Remember what it’s like when people are preparing for a job interview? They get a clean haircut, make sure their teeth sparkle like the sun, put on their best suits—in a nutshell, they try hard to project the best first impression possible. In practical terms, that’s what happens to your website homepage each time… Read More »

Key Graphic Design Trends in 2018

In today’s fast-changing world, graphic design trends emerge every now and then. They disappear quickly too. What was in trend is now completely out of date in 2018. Nevertheless, there are some graphic design trends that are still in practice. 2018 is the year of crazy designs, experiments and wild imagination. Some design trends are… Read More »

Search Engine Friendly Website Design Trends for 2018

With 2018 looming ahead, it’s time to take a look at six web design trends that you should consider incorporating into your search engine optimization strategy next year. It’s tricky to get the balancing act right between aesthetics and functionality, but if you can master it, you are in line to see higher conversion rates… Read More »