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Sprint Review Vs Sprint Retrospective

Introduction: For some people, sprint review and sprint retrospective might sound almost the same. And if you are that person who is just starting to use Scrum then it is highly likely you’ll find no differences between the two terms. Sadly, even the experienced scrum teams are sometimes unable to point out the difference between… Read More »

AWS Fundamentals Specialization

AWS Fundamentals Specialization Highlights: AWS via Coursera Learn for FREE, Up-gradable [Enroll to Specialization for FREE Now] 5 Months (2 hours weekly) of effort required 97,388+ already enrolled! ★★★★★ 4.6 (17,889 Ratings) Language: English Interested in AWS? Let’s take your IT dreams to places with Amazon Web Services specialization. The above master program, offered by the world’s number one source of e-services Amazon… Read More »

Prescriptive Analytics Training Course Review

Every day, analytics assist businesses in quantifying the effects of their decisions. The ability to find meaningful patterns in data helps organizations make decisions to maximize their investments, gain market share, and appeal to the market, from marketing strategies to financial decisions. Businesses can quickly transform big data into accurate insights to drive their decisions… Read More »

Why Your Website Should be ADA Compliant

It was in 1990 when the American Disability Act (ADA) was put in place to fight for the rights of people with disabilities (PWDs). The organization put together legislation that stipulated that all ‘places of public accommodation’ must be ADA compliant. This covered things like shopping malls, public areas for sports, areas where groups of… Read More »

10 Best + Free Operations Management Certification Courses 2021

Interested in knowing how you can increase productivity and deliver higher quality standards? Our team has compiled a list of 10 Best + Free Operations Management Certification Courses 2021. With this list in hand, you can easily find the right course for you. Introduction to operations management Operations management: Analysis and improvement methods Divisional Performance… Read More »

Free JSON beautifier

JSON is a human-readable data format that provides programmers the facility to code in a comprehendible syntax. It does not involve complex procedures because it makes programming logic difficult for humans to understand as well as machines also find the long and complicated logic hard to execute. The issues persisted in older data format was… Read More »

Free Essay Writing Tools to Aid Students

Students daily face a lot of problems related to their learning. There are many examples when they violate the deadlines, fail to disclose an assignment properly, don’t understand certain disciplines, etc. Students want to avoid such complications and try different possibilities offered by technology. Oftentimes, students turn for help to academic paper writing sites. They… Read More »

10 Best Life Hacks for Exams

Students have a lot of different challenges. They have to read books, write essays or even take part in different competitions for students. However, the most important and difficult part of their studying is quite obvious. Yes, we are talking about exams. It’s always stressful to take exams. You can spend even several weeks to… Read More »

What do Personality Tests Really Deliver?

Citi Group, Stock Holding Corporation, ExxonMobil, Ford Motor, Hewlett Packard. Everyone knows these names. And most of us would say that it could be great to work for these companies. But not everyone knows that these companies widely employ personality assessments and psychometric testing to select their employees. Personality Testing as a Part of Recruitment… Read More »