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Benefits of Data Driven Sales and Marketing

Due to the highly intense competition, data driven sales and marketing are necessary for any business that wants to continue being profitable. It forms the basis of today’s advertising and other sales and marketing initiatives. It is also critical or mandatory if a company wants to deliver the customized experiences that customers are demanding. According… Read More »

Performance Testing Vs Load Testing Vs Stress Testing

In the field of software development, we might have to come across with a lot of ways or techniques that are often misunderstood or interpreted as being the same. But in reality, they are quite different from one another. In simpler words, load testing, performance testing, stress testing are such techniques that are often misunderstood… Read More »

CompTIA Network + Certified Salary & Job Responsibilities

The CompTIA Network+ is considered to be a certification that is issued to all the IT professionals who are capable enough to manage a technology ecosystem. This certification is issued by Computing Technology Industry (and thus CompTIA) which is known to be a US-based organization and a non-profit trade body. CompTIA Network+ focuses on the… Read More »

IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate Review

IBM AI Engineering Specialization Highlights: IBM via Coursera Learn for FREE, Up-gradable [Enroll to Specialization for FREE Now] 8 Months (3 hours weekly) of effort required 27,754+ already enrolled! ★★★★★ 4.4 (13,983 Ratings) Language: English Artificial intelligence (AI) is reforming whole ventures, changing the path organizations across areas influence information to decide. To remain serious, associations need qualified AI engineers who utilize forefront… Read More »

Top 9 Scrum Master Certifications

Being a scrum master means that you are capable of handling agile teams successfully. This certification shows that you have the right skills and knowledge that are required for running agile teams in an organized manner. As we clearly know that the demand for agile certified professionals is very high but it is also true… Read More »

How can Gamification improve Learning?

To put into simpler words, gamification is the use of game-design elements and different game principals but in non-game contexts. The best example to explain gamification is in-game principals and themes like acquiring virtual points or other currency. With that, it also includes completion of series of tasks and different activities that will take you… Read More »

Sprint Review Vs Sprint Retrospective

Introduction: For some people, sprint review and sprint retrospective might sound almost the same. And if you are that person who is just starting to use Scrum then it is highly likely you’ll find no differences between the two terms. Sadly, even the experienced scrum teams are sometimes unable to point out the difference between… Read More »

AWS Fundamentals Specialization

AWS Fundamentals Specialization Highlights: AWS via Coursera Learn for FREE, Up-gradable [Enroll to Specialization for FREE Now] 5 Months (2 hours weekly) of effort required 97,388+ already enrolled! ★★★★★ 4.6 (17,889 Ratings) Language: English Interested in AWS? Let’s take your IT dreams to places with Amazon Web Services specialization. The above master program, offered by the world’s number one source of e-services Amazon… Read More »

Prescriptive Analytics Training Course Review

Every day, analytics assist businesses in quantifying the effects of their decisions. The ability to find meaningful patterns in data helps organizations make decisions to maximize their investments, gain market share, and appeal to the market, from marketing strategies to financial decisions. Businesses can quickly transform big data into accurate insights to drive their decisions… Read More »