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Where to Find the Best SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates provides data securities, safe transactions, instant delivery of valued data, save logins, keep secret to credit card transactions on behalf of best SSL Certificates. Find the best potential markets and opportunities to save the valuable records and all important information’s to keep the safe transactions on behalf of internet. Check online protocols and… Read More »

Top tips to keep your data safe

1 – First step to keeping your data safe is to use strong passwords Having a strong password means that you automatically ruin the chance of anyone guessing your password. Password guessing is, in fact, a tactic used by some smart people who are able to have surprisingly good chances in guessing your password. There… Read More »

Encoding Vs Encryption

Encoding and Encryption are somewhat similar concept but these are different in purpose.Encoding means transforming data to another format with schemes that are publicly available like base64 encoding scheme. Later on, anyone can decode to convert it back to original format. Purpose of encoding might be compressing to save memory or confirming the transfer of… Read More »