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What Is So Special About LimeJS Framework?

LimeJS is defined as one of the highly renowned gaming application that is developed with JavaScript framework to encourage designers develop and design HTML5 based gaming applications. Games that are developed using LimeJS framework don’t require any special programming features, or any other extra software installation techniques to run your LimeJS based gaming apps. Current… Read More »

Geolocation ideas that can do wonders when combined with HTML5

Having access to the exact location of your user’s can help websites deliver services with speed, which ultimately plays a crucial role in improving the quality and recognition of those sites. Previously, most sites required users to input their location details either by filling the details manually, by selecting fields from a drop-down list, or… Read More »

What’s new in HTML5

Most important thing about HTML 5 is that its now no longer part of SGML but its a language of its own. A number of new elements added as well as others removed or deprecated.There are lots of new features that requires a detailed article but here I am trying to focus on major ones.… Read More »