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Top Web and Mobile Development Video Online Courses for $10 Each

You must have set some target to stay ahead in your career for this New Year 2016. In order to improve your technical skills as an IT professional, there are thousands of online courses available online at that can be really helpful for you. Best part is that all these courses are available just… Read More »

Customizing Profile Info in ASP.NET Identity

This Video Tutorial explains how to extend the ASP.NET Identity Provider?. It’s a video version of my earlier article published here as “How to Customize Profile Info in ASP.NET Identity?“. Thanks to Webucator Team for providing a video version to facilitate my blog readers for better understanding. The article explains step by step approach to customize profile in… Read More »

ASP.NET Interview Questions for Beginners and Professionals – Part 3

This post is Part-3 in series of ASP.NET Interview Questions with detailed answers including necessary code examples. Previous parts of this ASP.NET Tutorial series are as follows: Top 10 ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers for ASP.NET Web Developers ASP.NET Interview Questions – Part 1 (Controls, State Management etc.) ASP.NET Interview Questions – Part 2 (Controls, Globalization & Localization… Read More »