Learn Angular 4 and NodeJS – The Practical MEAN Stack Guide

Angular 4 & NodeJS – MEAN Stack Guide

This Angular 4 and NodeJS course is designed and overlooked by the experienced web developer Maximilian Schwarzmüller. He is the host of a popular coding channel on YouTube and the author of two five-star rated courses on Udemy website. He has several years of training and knowledge of the field. Maximilian is a highly motivated and covers everything in the course from basics to the advanced end. He makes learning core concepts of Angular4 not just accessible but also applicable.

Before going into details, let’s highlight few key points about this Course:

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Most attractive feature is 30 days Money Back Guarantee means there is NO RISK. If you didn’t like this MEAN Stack Online Course, you can refund your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Being a complete Development Stack, demand for MEAN Stack developers considered as Full  Stack developer, especially AngularJs (latest version Angular 4) and NodeJs is high. And developers with right skills in these technologies are getting Higher Salaries as compared to other developers in the market. Below research results by indeed.com for MEAN Stack developer salaries in United States clearly indicate that it’s high and trending.MEAN Stack Developer Salary

So, MEAN Stack development is the right skill to be developed or enhanced, from the right and reliable source that gives practical exposure with the help of assignments and real-world applications.

Full Stack Web Developer

The Quick and Easy Way to Learn Angular 4 and NodeJS

The practical MEAN Stack guide is an Online Course which offers an easy and comprehensive way to Learn Angular 4 and NodeJS. The course is a practical guide to learning the new MEAN 2.0 an advanced and dynamic version of the MEAN Stack. The course includes an in-depth explanation of Core Concepts along with the general overview of Angular2. It provides the opportunity of learning both highly scale-able Angular4 and secure and stable NodeJS.

Learn Angular 4 and NodeJS
MEAN covers 4 JavaScript-based web technologies including MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. Below diagram gives a good high level understanding that how these technologies can be used together to develop a web application. AngularJS and NodeJS plays an important role in this whole Stack. AngularJS being client makes AJAX calls to ExpressJS returning response in JSON format. ExpressJS that is running on NodeJS Server further communicate with MongoDB as persistent medium (a NoSQL database).

What’s so special about Angular 4 and NodeJS Online Course

The course provides a detailed explanation of the concepts, the theory and the dynamics of working. Unlike other courses, it’s not just theory but also focuses on the applications of the concepts learned. It follows a hands-on approach throughout the course allowing implementation through building and learning. The course is designed in such a manner that it lets ONE learn while ONE works. Thus first-hand application building is practiced and encouraged.

Student’s Feedback and Reviews:

This Online Course has an average rating of 4.7 which is too high for any course at udemy.com.MEAN Stack Course Rating

We’ll strongly recommend to go through the course and instructor reviews and see what other students have feedback about this course? and how better you can improve your skill by taking this course.Take-This-Course

Max tries his best to make us understand as much as possible by diving deep into the details, and seems to work hard to keep this course up to date.

Of course, I still have a lot to research about NodeJS working with Angular to be able to manage when things no longer work when I update to their latest versions, but sure I can tell I have learned a lot from this course (I think this is the best point of start you can find) and I am really, really satisfied.

This is like a catapult to bring you right to the place from where you can comfortably manage to continue on your own.

Thank you, Max! Keep up doing the good work!!

by Fabricio Braga

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A bit about Angular 4 and NodeJS Online Course Curriculum:

The curriculum is designed and spaced at a comfortable pacing and promotes application building endeavors. The curriculum of the course includes introduction and basics of NodeJS and MongoDB. It covers everything from the front end to error handling and updating Angular 4.

The course takes a step by step approach while creating high speed and dynamic Angular front-end and matching and merging it with the secure NodeJS backend. The course not only focuses on building the application but also on the other aspects of learning. It incorporates creating and managing user experience, security through authentication and authorization and error management.

Requirements for Angular 4 and NodeJS Online Course:

The course is designed for anyone who has some basic training and background knowledge of programming. However having the training of Basic NodeJS/Express, experience with Angular is required. Other recommended prerequisite software include familiarity with CSS, HTML, JavaScript and MongoDB (+Mongoose). An expertise in the following subjects is not required as they will be covered but not in great depth. Hence having the knowledge of these listed softwares at one’s disposal will be useful not just for easy learning but also in-depth application building.

Target Audiences for Online Course:

Target audience of the course:

  • The intended audience includes anyone interested in applying existing Angular 2/ Angular 4 and NodeJS knowledge and creating something.
  • Students willing to exercise their NodeJS and Angular 2 skills and learn in the process.
  • Everyone interested in building a modern full-stack application.
  • Anyone familiar with Angular 2/ Angular 4 and NodeJS willing to gain more knowledge of their simultaneous applications and connections.

Angular 4 and NodeJS Online Course Topics Details:

The major points of learning in the course are the following:

  • Setting up a NodeJS along with Express, Mongo DB, and Angular Application.
  • Efficiently using NodeJS and Express.
  • Building reusable components in Angular 2.
  • Creating reactive user experience with Angular tools.
  • Developing secure application for Users.
  • Authenticating and authorizing users.
  • Handling errors and rectifying them.

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