CompTIA Network + Certified Salary & Job Responsibilities

By | December 4, 2021

The CompTIA Network+ is considered to be a certification that is issued to all the IT professionals who are capable enough to manage a technology ecosystem. This certification is issued by Computing Technology Industry (and thus CompTIA) which is known to be a US-based organization and a non-profit trade body. CompTIA Network+ focuses on the basic principle of networking. With the help of CompTIA Network+ program, all the students are prepared or taught to manage all networking aspects.

The CompTIA Network+ certification helps learners get a hold of the knowledge that is relevant to the following:

  • Management
  • Security
  • Multiple network technologies
  • Installation and configuration
  • Media and topologies.

What does it test?

This is a mid-level certification that is suitable for all the network professionals out there who want a secure career in this field. This certification tests a person’s ability to do the following:

  • To support and configure TCP/IP clients relevant to network design.
  • To configure and install the entire network.
  • Similarly, it tests the ability relevant to hardware format and network cabling.
  • It also evaluates your ability to resolve networking problems.
  • Job responsibilities:
  • As a CompTIA Network+, below are the key roles or responsibilities to be taken care of.
  • As a certified CompTIA Network+, it is your job to configure, manage, and fix different computer networks.
  • With that, you are also required to fix all kinds of remote access systems and equipments that include copiers, faxes, and scanners.
  • Similarly, you have to devise and execute multiple operating networks.
  • After that, you have to supervise, configure, and support different yet complicated network devices.
  • Next, as a certified CompTIA Network+, it is your job to understand the needs of the users and what their system requires and then find the most appropriate solution.
  • In addition, you are required to collect data on routers and other hardware and give an estimate of the costs of equipment.
  • Moreover, it is your job to use different routers and switches to split network traffic thereby building a robust network.

Thus these and many more key responsibilities come under this job title. Check out the IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate here.

CompTIA Network+ Salary statistics:

Now comes the most important part of our today’s discussion that is, CompTIA Network+ salary statistics. Before we dig into the salary details, know that whenever you search for salary range relevant to your career, it is quite obvious to see a range of salaries for a single job title. It is because of the different companies and geographies. Some companies tend to pay more to a specific job title while other can pay less to the same title as well. So it depends on the company or the area where it is situated.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following percentiles were found showing the highest and lowest salaries for this job title in the U.S.

  • The average annual salary of a network administrator is around $86,340.
  • A network support specialist can earn an annual average salary of $67,510.
  • Similarly, network system analyst can earn more than the above stated job titles, that is $92,740.
  • After that, system analysts can make $88,401 yearly.
  • Moreover, a system administrator can earn an average salary of $83,490.
  • Lastly, Pay scale states the average salary of a certified CompTIA Network+ in the U.S. has found out to be $62,000.
  • Also an average salary that a certified freelance CompTIA Network+ can make is $21 per hour.

CompTIA Network+ salary statistics in other major countries:

Now we shall take a look at the CompTIA Network+ average salary in other major countries.

  • In Canada a certified CompTIA Network+ can make C$61,000 annually.
  • In England, a certified CompTIA Network+ can make around 22,000 British pounds.
  • An average salary of ¥294,000 can be made by a certified CompTIA Network+ in China.
  • Similarly, in Germany, a certified CompTIA Network+ can make around €48,000.
  • Going further, the average salary that a certified CompTIA Network+ can make in Australia is AU$72,000.
  • In Japan, individuals with this job title can make around ¥5m.
  • Similarly, in Netherlands, if you have this job title, you can expect to make around €45,000.

Note that all these average salary statistics are annually based.


From the above details, we can make a conclusion that working as a certified CompTIA Network+ can be a great career for anyone who is interested in this field. So, all you have to do is make up your mind whether you want a career in this field or not and then start your journey towards becoming a certified CompTIA Network+. Therefore, read this article today and never stop learning.