Surprising Features of the Candy Crush Saga Android Source Code

By | October 1, 2021

Mobile games are very popular nowadays and created a craze among people despite age, gender, occupation, etc. Most people are using smartphones nowadays and prefer playing mobile games as the mobile is easily portable in the pocket. Therefore it is one of the best options for entertainment to pick the phone out from the pocket and start playing whenever there is free time. When it comes to the android candy crush saga, people are super excited to play this game. Studies reflect that most people prefer playing candy crush saga after finishing all their essential and household work earlier. Even people are in a hurry to finish their office work early and aim to overcome a few more next levels in the break time. Not only servicemen and women, but students also found this android candy crush saga as a source of extreme entertainment. The students of schools, colleges, and universities are also addicted to the Games Like Candy Crush Saga, even neglecting their studies.

Let’s come to know the reason why people have found the android candy crush saga such an interesting game. Yes, definitely it has interesting features, offers excellent playing experience and is full of entertainment. Therefore you must know first the exciting features this game offers to its players and how these features work. This article is going to figure out the features and interesting facts behind the popularity of the android candy crush saga in detail. After going through it you will be able to launch your candy crush clone app effectively. You might also be interested in article on Free games to play online here.

1. The Game entices you to Play the Next Level

As the starting levels of the candy crush saga are easy enough to overcome and offer extra moves, boosters players find it exciting. The players try to overcome more levels without losing the lives which are provided 5 initially but If players lose all of them they have to wait 30 minutes till the lives get refilled. If any player finds it impossible to wait after being impatient they pay for buying the lives and start playing. Thus app developers earn over a million dollars. The players thus easily reach up to 35th level within a few times with more cool ways to crush candies. Later players also become ready to pay to cross harder levels.

2. The Game Cherishes your Progress

As soon as the players progress it appreciates the players with three-star rewards. The scores obtained by the players are based on points they secure in each level. These are the default reward points set in the game. Though the candy crush game rewards three stars to the players it is not that you can’t go to the next level when you get only one star. Even if you get stuck with a move, a glowing hint appears on the screen helping you to solve the puzzle. The main aim is that this game doesn’t want its players to be stuck in a single level for a long time. It always encourages the players to go to the next level and proceed ahead. The progress level is reflected on the home screen like a train track and the players target to reach the last level tracking the map as they could see. There is also a certain time after which the players cannot stay stuck at a particular time. The main objective of this game is to help the players to unlock the next level without making them wait for a long time. You can also checkout Board Games For Kids at our Platform.

3. The Game is full of Creativity

The game is not based on a boring approach at all. Whenever players enter the next level they have to deal with a new board arranged with candies in random order. It makes the board unique from another board, preventing it from being similar. There is also a visual effect as the game is divided in each different episode just like a video game. The visual display background offers players new energy to proceed ahead. Each episode has 25 levels and the last most level of each episode is the toughest. It makes players determined to face the new challenge to proceed to the next level. It also encourages the players with a voice note saying ‘sweet’, ‘delicious’ when they complete a tough task by matching and crushing the candies that seem impossible to do.

4. The Game asks Players to Purchase

Throughout the levels of the game, players get so many charms to use in the game. The charms offer an extra advantage as they have the special features to clear the level out and help in level up. At the starting level though the charms are not shown on the screen after playing a few levels they are being reflected on the screen with a large set of collections. It influences players to buy them spending 25 to 50 dollars and once they purchase they can use it three times each throughout the entire game session. So that the players are ready to purchase without thinking more.

5. This is a Game full of Entertainment

The android candy crush saga is full of entertainment as it allows players to interact with their friends through social media. The game permits players to send requests to their friends seeking a free item. By sending requests to their friends the players also can unlock a new episode and get more free lives. These goods always tempt users to play more and have fun with their friends.

These are the fundamentals the developer of the candy crush saga incorporated in the game attracting the players more. Hope now you know how to exploit candy crush saga clone for your business. To develop the Best Games Like Candy Crush Saga Clone follow these strategies leading to the development of an effective gaming application.

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