Using HTML5 Canvas & Javascript to Create Drawing Application

By | May 4, 2017

In this post, you will come across a step by step guide through which you can design a simple web-based drawing application powered by the HTML5 Canvas and Javascript. The aim of this guide it to briefly explore the process of creating an app along the way learn about HTML5 & Javascript. This post will also help you learn or integrate the pure Javascript in the drawing app.HTML5 Canvas

What is HTML5 Canvas?

Well, the HTML5 Canvas is an element which is used for drawing graphics while on the move via the scripting. Most of the time, the scripting used in this process is Javascript. The Canvas element is the only container for graphics, so it’s essential to make use of the script to draw actual graphics.

There are several methods to use Canvas for the drawing paths, boxes, texts, adding images and circles. In this guide, the FabricJS is used as the external canvas library and written JS functions which are deployed to handle different features. Given below are the tools which are required to carry out this process in a stress-free manner.Drawring with HTML5 Canvas

  • An HTML File
  • A Javascript File
  • A Canvas Library- Fabric.js

Here are the steps that you need to follow for creating a drawing app using HTML5 & Javascript:

Step 1- You need to create these two files in your app directory:

  • html
  • js or any other file name

Step 2- Import the whole Fabric.js library

Step 3- Import the image and your app structure should look like this:


  • html
  • js
  • jpg

Once you are done with these steps, it’s time to write down the code for the drawing app:

Step 1:

Load up your image on the Canvas

Step 2:

Adding different drawing functions which will assist you while making objects

  • Draw a solid Circle

  • Draw a rectangle

Step 3:

Now you have to add two functions: Start and Stop Drawing, which will enable you to notify the app when to draw and when not to.

Step 4:

Now you have to merge the Zoon In & Zoom Out functions. These two are the very basic feature of any design tool and can be commonly seen on all the drawing apps and software. The below-mentioned functions will let the objects and canvas to scale to a required factor.

Canvas needs two variables to control the zooming:

Zoom In

Zoom Out

Reset Zoom

This function will bring all the objects to their respective original scale factors:

Summing Up

This post would give a basic idea about creating a simple yet powerful drawing app with the help of HTML5 Canvas. The Fabric.js is one of the most robust canvas JS library which provides you an opportunity to build a scalable browser and also a touch-based web drawing application.

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