How Peachpie Compiler Leverages .Net Development Technology In PHP

By | May 11, 2016

After making the Roslyn Open Source, the compiler technology became the basis for experimental compilers that let .net development company developers to do everything from compiling C# to JavaScript in order to bring interactive scripting environment with C#.

The latest Peachpie compiler lets PHP to be compiled into portable class libraries and run in the Microsoft .NET framework.


Peachpie is a latest PHP compiler released by Microsoft. It opens the door for PHP developers in the .net development world and vice-versa. However, it is still a concept and under progress.

The objective behind releasing the Peachpie is to enable developers to design cross-platform apps and libraries for Microsoft platforms with an ease. This results in PHP apps that are powered by Peachpie compiler makes it to run across multiple devices and operating systems that are able to run .net. Moreover, it empowers web app developers to deploy and run existing PHP code on an web server.PeechPie for .NET

Peachpie lets developers to build PHP applications directly in their preferred IDE, MS Visual Studio. In this manner, they can avail colorful PHP scripts, highlighted code errors, and compilation of code and debugging.

Apart from enhanced performance, compiling to .net offers PHP developers access to the available software culture written for .net and features for the .net runtime itself.

Another benefit of using Roslyn – It creates ASTs (Abstract Syntax Trees) with the help of PHP code. It allows source code to get transformed by the compiler and made available to the user makes it simpler to write analysis applications or tools that alter the behavior of other applications.

In short, Roslyn is a .net compiler platform, code analysis APIs for and C# and a set of Opensource compilers. Unlike existing compilers, Roslyn is different and assists developers in performing phases of compilation directly, such as syntactic and lexical structure analysis of source code.

Some FAQs About Peach Pie

  • Will developers get PHP 7 support with Peachpie?
    Yes, Peachpie will support PHP 7. But this update is still in the pipeline.
  • How to know if Peachpie will be the best choice for big projects? Has Phalanger ever been considered by developers?
    Phalanger has been used in multiple big projects. As Peachpie is greatly based on Phalanger, it will surely work for large and complex projects. Officials are currently in the conceptual phase and not preparing to deploy any projects with Peachpie yet.
  • Will Peachpie work on Linux?
    As Peachpie is designed on top of Roslyn and creates class libraries that are compatible with Mono and the .net core, it works on Linux.
  • Will Peachpie work on smart devices?
    As Mono and Xamarin are intended well to run on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows 10 IoT core or OSX; Peachpie works on smart tablets and mobiles.
  • Will the user get support for PDO with Peachpie?
    Yes, Peachpie will support PDO.
  • Will the user get support for standard PHP libraries?
    Yes, Peachpie will support the standard PHP libraries.
  • Will Peachpie run wordpress?
    Yes, it will compile WordPress and lets .net to be extended by offering plugins for WP that will be written in C#.

The planned features for Peachpie are not yet available for developers as the officials are focusing on bringing a working example of the technology for every IT or .NET development company.

It will not arrest that trend, but at least offer a way for both PHP and .NET developers to leverage on the features available in each development environment- PHP’s breadth of available apps and development expertise and .net runtime and facilities of metaprogramming.

Author Bio:

This article has been written by Ethan Millar who is working with Aegis Softtech as Technical Writer since last 5 years. He writes articles especially for Java, .Net, CRM and Hadoop. The main object to write this article is to discuss influence of Peachpie Compiler in .Net development in PHP.

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