Top 8 Facebook WordPress plugins to drive more traffic to your website

By | May 21, 2016

With more than 24.7% of the websites powered by WordPress, it’s no surprise that this Content Management System remains to be one of the most popular and preferred CMSs in the global marketplace. However, in the era of social media network, merely having a WordPress powered website is not enough to reach the masses.facebook wordpress plugins

Today social media platforms have become a crucial part of an online business. These platforms help you improve your business’s visibility, and reachability. Needless to say, integrating social media into your WordPress powered website can yield desired traffic, comments, likes and views – everything you need to build a successful business on the internet.
There are an array of social media networks available today including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc. All these sites attract millions of users on a regular basis, which clearly indicates their popularity among web users. However, According to a recent study, Facebook has more than 1590 million active users outgrowing Twitter with 302 million active users and followed by other social networks. Apart from millions of active users, Facebook also offers numerous marketing strategies and tools to help businesses target the right audience thus, making it one of the best drivers in regards to sales, traffic and conversions for most of the websites.

If you are also planning to integrate Facebook into your WordPress website, following Facebook plugins will certainly come in handy.

1. NextGEN Facebook

NextGEN Facebook is one of the best social sharing plugin that offers a quick and easy way of improving search engine ranking of your site’s pages and posts as well as the overall experience on a variety of social media sites.NextGEN Facebook

Additional Features:

  • Customizable image dimensions for Facebook, Schema, Pinterest, Open Graph and each Twitter Card Type.
  • Offers support for image HTML tags in content, gallery, attached and featured shortcode.
  • Also offers support for Automattic’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugin.
  • Allows customizable multilingual site title and description texts
  • Offers social sharing buttons for PHP function, as a shortcode, in a widget, excerpt, and for the content.

2. Social Box

Social Box is an easy to use WordPress social sharing plugin that supports almost all major social media platforms. The plugin enables you to display the number of Facebook likes on your website and help you drive constant traffic to your website.Social Box

Additional Features:

  • Displays MailChimp List subscribers, GitHub followers, Forrst followers, Dribbble comments, likes and followers.
  • Offers Automattic update notifications.
  • Supports all major browsers.
  • Completely localization ready.
  • Equipped with many different styles to complement your site.


3. WP Facebook FanBox

WP Facebook FanBox allows website owners to draw and gain likes from Facebook without redirecting users to Facebook. All you need to do is configure few settings of WP Facebook FanBox, put in the shortcode and add the widget where you want to display the fanbox.WP-Facebook-FanBox
Additional features:

  • Comes with a variety of themes to help you match your website’s appearance.
  • Allows you to keep account of the number of likes on your Facebook page.
  • Also enables to read recent posts from the page and like the page with one click.
  • 100% fully responsive and highly customizable.

4. WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream is a great and impressive WordPress social sharing plugin that puts all social sites feeds into one network stream. The plugin lets you create unlimited social streams and combine unlimited social feeds.WordPress Social Stream

Additional features:

  • Supports 60 feed options and 15 social networks.
  • Can easily handle multiple users per network.
  • Can also easily handle multiple feeds per networks.
  • Gives you an option to display replies and retweets.
  • Lets you save unlimited social stream profiles in the dashboard.
  • Comes equipped with an option to remove specific posts from social streams.

5. Recent Facebook Posts

Recent Facebook Posts, as the name suggests, displays most recent Facebook posts from any Facebook page. It is basically a great alternative to Facebook Like Box. Recent Facebook Posts plugin adds a template function recent_facebook_posts(), a shortcode [recent_facebook_posts] and a widget. The plugin works in coordination with personal profiles and public pages.Recent Facebook Posts

Additional Features:

  • Optimized for search engines, which indicates that the posts are indexable by search engines.
  • Provide high performance, and is highly flexible.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Has easy configuration to allow a non-technical webmaster to configure the plugin as per the needs and demands of the website.
  • 100% translation ready.

6. Facebook All

Facebook All is yet another impressive and free WordPress plugin that makes your website social media friendly with the help of Facebook social plugins. The plugin has a great collection of Facebook social plugins for WordPress. The plugin allows visitors to login and comment with Google as well as Facebook. Facebook All also has a premium version which includes various premium features including WooCommerce integration, Facebook Analytics, and Google Login.Facebook All

Additional features:

  • Lets you choose the location to display Facebook login.
  • Has rich profile data.
  • Compatible with bbPress.
  • Equipped with fully customizable Facebook Icon.
  • Has user-friendly admin interface.
  • Optionally redirects users after login.
  • Comes integrated with almost every Facebook plugin.

7. Facebook Members

Facebook Members is an impressive, responsive and profound WordPress social plugin that allows Facebook page owners to get likes from their own site. Facebook is one of the simplest and quickest way to combine Facebook recommendation bar functionality with Facebook Like box with many other options.Facebook Members

Additional features:

  • Uses Official Facebook APIs.
  • Comes integrated with Facebook Like Box Plugin.
  • Comes integrated with Facebook Recommendation Bar Plugin.
  • Display Like Box on any Page or Post.
  • Display Like Box in Sidebar/Widget Area.
  • Option to specify Width, Height, Number of Connections, Stream, Heading for both Sidebar and Post/Page widget.

8. Facebook Comments

If you are looking to customize, manage and integrate your Facebook page comments into your WordPress powered website, Facebook Comments is an ideal choice. The plugin makes it a lot easier to setup Facebook comments, which can be annoying at times.Facebook Comments

Additional features:

  • Built on Peadig, a WordPress Bootstrap theme framework.
  • Equipped with add-on plugins.
  • Has user-friendly and intuitive Facebook comments plugin homepage.

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