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By | September 30, 2014

It’s continuation of my previous post on HTML5 Interview Questions with detailed answers. In previous post we started to set a base knowledge for latest HTML standard i.e HTML5. Later discussing about HTML5 new elements and more details about Graphics related concepts including SVG and Canvas.

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Here we will continue exploring more HTML5 concepts with the help of Interview Questions.

HTML5 Interview Questions List – Part 2

What is localStorage in HTML5?

In order to store data locally, HTML5 supports for localStorage object. It stores data for a longer time in a client browser but it doesn’t lost data even if browser is closed. This purpose was achieved previously with the help of Cookies.

localStorage has following advantages as compared to using Cookies:

  • localStorage has better performance even for larger amount of data.
  • localStorage can store data for longer period.
  • localStorage is more secure as compared to cookies.

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What about browser support for localStorage in HTML5?

Browser support for localStorage in HTML5 is as follows:

  • Chrome 4
  • IE 8+
  • firefox 3.5+
  • Safari 4
  • Opera 10.5

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